Health, Fitness and Wellbeing for Older Adults

Here at Well for Being we care about each and everyone of our clients from the moment they walk in the door.  Whether someone contacts us for pain relief, to better manage a disease, to feel better, to get fit for an occasion or to stay healthy and fit throughout their life, we treat each person as an individual with their own specific limitations and goals.

To help my clients reach their goals, I draw upon my 30 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Functional Ageing Specialist, and also from my own journey through a very full and varied life.  As a Personal Trainer I bring the personal touch and caring, as a Pilates Teacher I bring a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics and as a Functional Ageing Specialist I teach movement which is relevant to our daily lives:  our needs, our wants and our dreams.

Ageism: a Moral and Personal Dilemma for Our Time

This article written by Sarah Zeff Geber was recently printed in Forbes magazine.  It says more or less what I would like to have said myself about Ageism in the UK but I know I could not have put it better.  So that is why I'm copying it for you to read as my Blog...

Life Without Health Sucks!

LIFE WITHOUT HEALTH SUCKS I am always shocked at how so many people do not put their health and fitness first - and by first I mean really first! Has this been you? Is this you now? Remember when you were ill and how nothing else mattered except the desire to get...

Anita Dawn Interview on BBC Radio Manchester

Just in case you missed it... Wow!  I was so excited...  Last Tuesday I was invited on to The Dead Good Show for interview by the lovely, dynamic Stacey Copeland. Initially it was very nerve racking ... you can tell by my voice at the beginning of the interview!   No...