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starts Wednesday

6th July 10-11am

Early Bird price ends

6pm 21st June 2022


(Online and Face to Face)

Reset Rehab Thrive

Following my recent experience of open heart surgery and my consequent quest to regain my health and fitness, I’m inviting just 10 people to join me on my journey.

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the following, then this course is definitely for you:

  1. Have you recently undergone surgery?
  2. Are you suffering from the after effects of Covid?
  3. Has it been a while since you exercised?
  4. Never exercide before?

Interested?  Sign up your interest today and to receive more information.

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Note:  You can join just the LIVE walking programme on its own.


I’m currently on medical leave and my LIVE online classes are being taught by a wonderful group of instructors.

Click HERE to view my Class Schedule.

I plan to be returning to work on Tuesday 2nd May with new, exciting and motivating classes, workshops and courses.  If you haven’t already, sign up to my Newsletter to be among the first to receive the latest news about Sale Pilates and Anita Dawn Wellbeing.  Click HERE to sign up to my Newsletter/Blog.

My Philosophy

Here at Well for Being I care about each and everyone of my clients from the moment they join me online or walk in the door.  Whether someone contacts me for pain relief, to better manage a disease, to feel better, to get fit for an occasion or to stay healthy and fit throughout their life, I treat each person as an individual with their own specific limitations and goals.

To help my clients reach their goals, I draw upon my 30 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Functional Ageing Specialist, and also from my own journey through a very full and varied life.  As a Personal Trainer I bring the personal touch and caring, as a Pilates Teacher I bring a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics and as a Functional Ageing Specialist I teach movement which is relevant to our daily lives:  our needs, our wants and our dreams.


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