21-Day Re-Energize U


23rd May – 12th June

21-day No 3 less words

LADIES!  Are you aged between 45 and 65 years …. or an active, young at heart 70 year old?  Do you want to move, feel and look better?  Got niggly aches and pains?  Need to improve your posture?  Gained a few extra pounds during the Winter months? If you have answered “YES” to any of the above, then you really MUST join my amazing new 21-Day Program.  So, for just 21 days I want you to put yourself first.  I’m asking you to commit yourself to just three 1 hourly sessions per week for 3 weeks. AND, not only am I going to be leading you through my 3 favourite types of exercise:  Pilates, Nordic Walking and Kettlebells, I am also going to be giving you my support 7 days a week for the whole 3 weeks.  Yes, that’s right, DAILY MOTIVATIONAL TIPS sent to your phone or your email address.  PLUS, for those of you on Facebook, you will have your own Private Facebook Group where you can exchange ideas, problems and suggestions with myself and each other. JOIN NOW by filling in your details below

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THE PROGRAM includes

CB1_5288 1)  Pilates  for maximum mobility, flexibility, core strength,  stress reduction and improved posture



KB senior 2)  Kettlercize to strengthen your muscles and bones, preventing and reversing osteoporosis, burning off excess fat and giving you a firm toned body



snr NW 3 3)  Nordic Walking to increase your cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your heart and lungs, burn more calories, increase your energy levels, reduce your stress levels and energise your whole body by exercising outdoors.


4)  Loads of motivation, support and accountability!

SPECIAL OFFER:  First 5 people to register will save £50!  HURRY!   I can only accept 20 clients into this program.

Anita Lobban
Well 4 Being
07598 129189

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