8TH – 28TH JANUARY 2018


Thank you for your interest

in taking part in the

21-Day Wellbeing Challenge.


For just 21 days I want you to put yourself first.  I’m asking you to commit yourself to just three 1-hourly sessions for 3 weeks.

Join me and other like minded women in this complete health, fitness and wellbeing 21-day programme.  I want you to experience the benefits of my 2 favourite forms of exercise:  Pilates and Nordic Walking, supported by the most effective nutrition programme.  PLUS you will receive daily motivational wellbeing video tips via your own private Facebook group.

The programme includes the following:






(max 4 people in each group) – to increase your mobility, flexibility and strength


(max 10 persons in each group) – to burn more calories, increase energy and general fitness levels


(max 10 persons in each group) – to ensure that you are making the best food choices, in the appropriate portions and at the best times.

Each week you will attend three 1-hour sessions to include each of the above and there are a variety of times and days to choose from.


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All groups are kept small to ensure you all get personalised attention, coaching and the guidance you need to achieve tremendous results.


Before the Programme

  • You will have a mini-assessment (Postural analysis, fitness assessment – aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, and body composition)
  • If you have never Nordic Walked before you will need to attend a Nordic Walking Taster session .
  • If you are new to Pilates you will need to attend an intro to Pilates session


When Do You Start?

The first programme starts on 13th November – 3rd December 2017 and runs for 3 weeks and then I am running a second programme which will run 8th -28th January 2018

COST:  £150

(including pre-challenge sessions)

Special Members 50% discount