Are you taking advantage of this amazing opportunity that the Coronavirus Pandemic has created?

Making the leap from studio classes to virtual online classes can be a daunting experience.

Regretfully 50% of Pilates students shy away from this experience because they feel that its ‘too complicated’, ‘I’ll wait until things return to normal’, ‘I don’t want to have a presence online’, etc

People who don’t take this leap can be truly missing out!

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Attending Online Classes:

  1. We don’t know how long social distancing will be in force and healthy clubs and studios will be able to re-open and return to normal.
  2. Online class can be an amazing learning opportunity
  3. By attending classes online you are able to maintain your exercise routine and give structure to your daily/weekly schedule
  4. Attending your regular class online provides much needed social contact ‘outside’ of your home.

Types of Online Classes

Some instructors take the opportunity to stream to lots of people in one class to maximise revenue and may not record the classes.

At Sale Pilates I continue to limit my Small Group classes to a maximum of 6 and my Boutique Equipment classes to just 4.  This allows

  1. With small groups I am still able to teach members and ensure that their alignment and execution of exercises is safe and effective
  2. By recording all online classes members can do the classes again during the week and can also view their own alignment and execution of exercises which leads to massive improvements and greater results
  3. In a small group, members are able to reconnect with their colleagues, chat and catch up before and after the class

Make the most of your online class:

Your online class experience can be greatly enhanced by carrying out the following:

What you see of you in your screen is what your instructor sees of you in their screen.

  1. If you use a tablet or phone to access your online classes, I recommend you get a customized stand to enable you to accurately and quickly angle your device to the best possible position i.e. from standing to floor.
  2. Position yourself cross ways to the camera lens.  This enables your instructor to help you with alignment and movement.
  3. Have light in front of you and not behind.  If your instructor can’t see you, she/he can’t help you.
  4. Wear contrasting colours to your mat/carpet and background to enable you to remain visible
  5. Maximise your screen.  Your instructor doesn’t need to see your ceiling and furniture.  Try to fill up your screen with you!
  6. Have you tried streaming your class thru your TV.  For me, this has been a game changer.  Now I can see all my class participants much more clearly and apply teaching points much more accurately (this is not possible in larger classes).
  7. Get additional equipment and props e.g. small weights, a flannel to place under your head when lying prone, a pillow, block, etc.
  8. The bigger your screen the better your online experience!
Do get in touch if you have any further questions.