Health, Fitness and Wellbeing for Older Adults

Here at Well for Being we care about each and everyone of our clients from the moment they walk in the door.  Whether someone contacts us for pain relief, to better manage a disease, to feel better, to get fit for an occasion or to stay healthy and fit throughout their life, we treat each person as an individual with their own specific limitations and goals.

To help my clients reach their goals, I draw upon my 30 years experience as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Functional Ageing Specialist, and also from my own journey through a very full and varied life.  As a Personal Trainer I bring the personal touch and caring, as a Pilates Teacher I bring a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics and as a Functional Ageing Specialist I teach movement which is relevant to our daily lives:  our needs, our wants and our dreams.

Are You Worried about Getting a Disease After 50?

In this current climate, I’m sure it’s something we all worry about, but you know if you don’t strength train your muscles, then you are putting yourself at higher risk.   Or let’s turn this into a positive shall we? Strength training can help prevent disease later in...

A Journey to the Wild Side

Have you ever thought you’d like to do something exciting and somewhat challenging but that when it got nearer the time you chickened out?   This is not something I would normally do (chicken out) but nearly did recently…   When I turned 70 I decided I’d...

Why You Should Do Pilates

The time has come to get re-engaged in life, find your new ‘normal’ and start focusing on what your body needs to keep it fit and strong. Not just so that you can carry on doing the things you need, want and love to do, but also so that you will be able to bounce back...