5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Happy May one and all!  My what a busy month!

Whatever the weather, whatever your schedule, make sure that you continue with your exercise programme.  I normally work with my Plan A, but always have a reduced programme Plan B for busy times, or days when I don’t have so much energy.  Consistency is key.

Need help with your exercise programme?  Not getting the results you’re looking for? Or just can’t find sufficient motivation?  Well, look no further…help is at hand.

Personal training can be highly beneficial for everyone – but especially if you’re over the age of 60. Working 1:1 with a Trainer does require a larger budget than joining a class but is well worth every penny and every minute of your time.

As you age, you become more and more unique.  We’ve all lived different life styles and experiences and, as a consequence, we all age at different rates with different ailments, fitness and goals .  One size does definitely not fit all in this age group.  Therefore, whilst joining a class requires a smaller investment and provides more social interaction, Personal Training will deliver faster,  better and safer results.

  1. Customized Exercise Programs: Personal training provides tailored exercise programs that are designed specifically to meet your needs and goals.  This is particularly important if you’re over 60. We consider factors such as overall fitness level, health conditions, and any physical limitations, ensuring that the exercises are safe, effective and appropriate for your age.
  2. Injury Prevention: As you age, your body becomes more susceptible to injuries. A Personal Trainer with expertise in working with older adults can guide you through proper form, technique, and movement patterns to minimize the risk of injury. We also focuse on strengthening the muscles and joints to enhance stability and balance, reducing the likelihood of falls.
  3. Functional Fitness: A Personal Trainer emphasizes functional fitness, which aims to improve daily activities and maintain your independence. We incorporate exercises that enhance mobility, flexibility, and strength in your everyday movements like walking, lifting, reaching, and bending. This helps you maintain your ability to perform your daily tasks with ease.
  4. Health Monitoring: Personal trainers can help monitor and track health-related factors such as blood pressure, heart rate, and overall fitness progress. We can work in collaboration with healthcare professionals, providing valuable insights and adapting the exercise program as needed to address any health concerns.
  5. Motivation and Accountability: Regular exercise can be challenging to maintain, but having a Personal Trainer provides motivation and accountability. We provide guidance, support, and encouragement, helping you stay committed to your exercise routine. We also offer variety in workouts, making them more enjoyable and preventing boredom.

If you’d like to find out more about my Personal Training packages, visit my webpage Personal Training or give me a call on 07598 129189.  If you get my answer phone, please leave me a message with your name and a convenient time to call you back.  Check out the special offer until end June for a FREE Body Composition Assessment worth £50.

Why you should hire me as your Personal Trainer

I have over 30 years experience as a Personal Trainer for Older Adults and am qualified as a Functional Ageing Specialist, Personal Trainer, Pilates and Strength Coach.  In my own experience of being over 60 (now in my 70’s!), I recognise that we have different needs to when we were in our 50’s and younger.   I realise now that, with the experience I have today of being an older adult myself, I’m able to better understand my clients and offer them so much more than a younger, less experienced Personal Trainer

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