HIIT Training For 50+

Most Effective Exercises for Older Adults

HIIT classes are the top trending fitness activity for 2019/20.  They bring the best fitness results in the shortest amount of time – but are they suitable for people over 50?

Exercise is important but doing the right exercises for your age and fitness goals is just as important.  As we get older our focus needs to change away from fitness per se to that of health and wellbeing, whilst maintaining the ability to carry out the activities of daily living.

As we age, we lose muscle mass.  This not only means that we become weaker and our bones become brittle, but we will also find it harder to burn fat i.e. either lose or maintain our weight.

What exactly are HIIT workouts?

HIIT, or high intensity interval training,  involves brief periods of high-intensity activity, followed by low-intensity periods of rest or extremely light training. These workouts are fantastic for improving agility, strength and burning fat.

The HIIT classes at SALE PILATES have been adapted to suit older adults in 2 ways:

  1. the ‘high intensity’ is relative to the age group
  2. the choice of exercises focuses on functional fitness i.e. exercises which will increase the quality of our everyday life and help us to age successfully.

Why working out as you get older is important

Exercise over 50 years of age is critical for many different reasons.

One of the biggest incentives to exercise for people over 50 is that not doing so accelerates aging.  

A sedentary lifestyle leads to:

  • the body becomes frail
  • increases the risk of disability
  • increased risk of disease e.g. heart disease, arthritis, and depression
  • metabolism slows down
  • body fat increases
  • stiff joints and limited mobility
  • poorer quality of life

Benefits of Exercise:

  • maintains muscle mass
  • keeps the heart and lungs healthy and strong
  • reduces depression
  • reduces risk of disease
  • makes you feel better
  • more confidence, more energy and better posture

Why HIIT is the best exercise over 50

Almost all exercise is beneficial as you get older, however, some exercises are better than others as you get on in years.

HIIT training  is super effective for countering the deterioration of your body’s functionality as you get older by combining muscle strength, endurance and power.

HIIT exercises rev up your metabolism so that even hours after your workout your body is performing like a calorie burning machine which will be very effective for burning fat.  

Possibly the best part of these workouts is they only take about 30-45 minutes to accomplish and take place in a fun, safe and social small group setting under the careful guidance of an experienced and qualified instructor.