Have you ever thought you’d like to do something exciting and somewhat challenging but that when it got nearer the time you chickened out?


This is not something I would normally do (chicken out) but nearly did recently…


When I turned 70 I decided I’d like to do a 7-day 7-lakes swim challenge.  But as the time got closer to finalise the arrangements, my enthusiasm wained with the thought of swimming in freezing cold water, camping and riding my motorbike in what was looking to be a cold, wet and windy week and perhaps worst of all the thought of putting on a cold, damp wetsuit every day.


Last minute change of mind…..do not do this!


I gave in to my comfort zone and prepared myself to ride South in search of a more leisurely, warmer and ‘normal’  beach holiday.  But the night before I was due to leave, a little voice inside told me that I was being a wimp and that if I did not go ahead with my original challenge to swim the lakes, I would not forgive myself.


I should’ve known better!  I’d often felt like opting out before a big challenge in the past but knew better then.  I knew that once I was totally committed, the excitement would grow and the negative concerns would disappear and I would end up achieving amazing things.


So why the change?


Lockdown had changed me.  By causing me to reduce my activities,  it had reduced my comfort zone.


Did this happen to you?


Here’s the thing:  the less you do, the less you’re able to do and this is a dangerous scenario because you’ll age faster, decline faster and end up disabled and dependent upon others for your ADLs (activities of daily living) and your goals, dreams and bucket list can go out the window.


Post lockdown, it took a greater mental effort to do what I really wanted to do…but I’m so glad that little voice inside my head made the right decision for me.


Swimming 7km in seven lakes in seven days in icy water below 15 degrees sounds like an endurance challenge to test most athletes but I did it for fun to celebrate my 70th birthday and to prove that age is just a number.


Unlike most older women who prefer to hide their age, I’m proud of turning 70 and want to show the world what is possible at this age. 


My 7-day challenge not only demonstrates what is possible when you turn 70 but also how life outside of your comfort zone is where you grow, become stronger and increase your resilience to recover from whatever life throws at you and I’m on a mission to encourage women over 60 to do the same.


This is My Secret


I cannot stress just how important it is that you do physical and mental strength training on a regular basis. 


With this in mind and to make life simpler for you, I have fused the three most important elements of my training – Pilates, Strength and Functional training into one programme.  It’s called Anchor Point Pilates™.


This is the programme which keeps me strong and flexible, and one of the main keys to successful ageing.


Want to know more about this programme?  Grab a slot on my new temporary Facebook Pop Up Group “Stay Strong Anchor Point Pilates” starting next Monday 21st September for 3 days.


We’ll be looking at the different ways you can incorporate the components of fitness you need to age successfully into your daily lives and highlighting the amazing benefits you’ll get.  


This is a FREE EVENT and I’ll be going live at 5pm next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


The Coronavirus has reminded us how fragile and short life can be, so now is the time to increase your resilience.


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I can’t wait for you to join me!


Meanwhile, why not check out my recent 7-Day Wild Swim Challenge to see what is possible at 70 when you keep yourself fit and healthy.




Anita “out of comfort zone”  Dawn