Why not start your New Year’s Resolution early and get ahead of the rush?  Be one step ahead of everyone else and experience the back pain relief, the increased mobility and confidence that Pilates brings before the Christmas period so you’ll be less likely to overindulge and find yourself 2 steps behind, instead of 1 step ahead come the New Year. 
Read on to find out why you should sign up to my Pilates Beginners Course which starts this coming Wednesday. 
There’s no denying it, we’re in for tough times ahead. Therefore, we need to build our resilience;  we need to make the right choices now and then we’ll be better prepared for what life throws at us in 2023.
Whether you are a total beginner or returning from a long break, this 6-week course will help you to build that resilience.
Why wait until January? Get started today and then you’ll not only be one step ahead of everyone else but you’ll also be feeling more confidence and self-love to kick off 2023.
Always palates first
The medical profession have got it right this time.   GPs recognise the benefits of Pilates for the over 60s. They recognise that it’s gentle on your body and helps to alleviate back pain.  That’s why they recommend it to a large percentage of their patients.
I’m a baby boomer and was teaching before Pilates became popular. Back in 2000 I remember trying a class, but left early before I fell asleep due to the slow boring nature of the class and I did take a 3-day Pilates certification but still failed to be impressed.
Since then, Pilates has evolved to counteract the ills of our modern-day lifestyle:  too much sitting, too many mod cons and not enough exercise resulting In back pain, stiff joints and lack of mobility.
 Whilst a lot has changed since Joseph Pilates invented his repertoire of exercises over 100 years ago, I find there are still some exercises taught that I would not expect my body to do or which I feel would not benefit my everyday life.  Therefore, I modify my classes as appropriate for my class participants who are mostly over 60.
Is Pilates alone enough to keep you fit, mobile and pain free?
Well, it depends…
It depends upon your lifestyle, your daily expectations and your hobbies. Some people are content winding down after retirement, others have a long bucket list to complete from going on safari in Africa, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or perhaps daring to take up motorbike riding like I did.  Either way, I recommend Pilates. That’s why I teach it and that’s why I do it for myself.
If you’re interested to give Pilates a try or to get back to exercise from a long break, then why not sign up to my next Pilates beginners 6-week course .


At Sale Pilates all my courses and classes are small groups with a maximum of 6 people which enables me to offer a safe and effective learning environment similar to that of Personal Training.
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If you’re not a total beginner and have done Pilates before, then you may be interested in joining my knew Pilates Level 1 class which runs 1-1:45 PM on Thursdays.  Get in touch if you’d like more information on how to join.