Anchor Point Training

Anchor Point Training is a great way to keep fit.  It works on cardiovascular fitness as well as strength and endurance training and can be done indoors or outside.

At the Sale Pilates Studio, I have a sheltered area set up outside where I train clients.  The area is private, sheltered and equipped with wall anchors.

APT workouts can be done standing, kneeling, seated in a chair or on the ground.

I use strong and friendly fabric resistance bands from America which can be use in a single band for lighter resistance and double band for stronger peeps.

I got hooked on APT when I attended the Functional Aging Summit in Florida in 2018.  I met Chris Severs, the founder and Master Trainer of APT and have been using his bands for my clients and my own workouts ever since.

I am currently running 10-minute Taster sessions for £10 2-4pm Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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Anchor Point Training

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