Just in case you missed it…

Wow!  I was so excited… 

Last Tuesday I was invited on to The Dead Good Show for interview by the lovely, dynamic Stacey Copeland.

Initially it was very nerve racking … you can tell by my voice at the beginning of the interview!  

No Wonder I was nervous!

Security pass, Security search, staff escort … and then the 40 minute wait!    Yes I got there rather early.  The plan was to walk around Media City and take some photos.  Some of you may remember what a cold, wet and windy evening it was and so I ended up going into the Radio Broadcasting Quay Building earlier than planned!

Have you ever been to Quay House?

It was so interesting to see where all radio broadcasting is done?  Its huge!  Too many floors to count, so many broadcasting studios and so many people each at their own desk going about their daily business or hurrying around looking important and purposeful.

The wait was insane!

I was supposed to be on air at 7.30pm.  7.30 came and went.  It seemed that I was waiting for ages….and then a lovely lady called Pav came to collect me and escorted me to my seat in the studio.   As I entered the room, all four people in the studio was busy talking on air and so I crept in, almost unnoticed.

Then it was my turn…

Just like any important speech or conversation we never manage to say exactly what we had wanted to say. Or the interviewer never asks the questions we were prepared for.  

The interview was very fast paced and felt a bit like I was in the boxing ring with the boxing queen Stacey.  Questions being fired at me like she would deliver punches in the ring!

Have you ever wished you had said something different?

I left feeling a little disappointed in myself.  I didn’t say this, I didn’t say that, oh I wish I had mentioned this and I wish I had mentioned that!

After years of procrastinating because I wasn’t yet perfect, I have come to realise the truth in what Mark Twain once said ‘Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection!’

Do you have 16 minutes to spare?

In the recording I’ve cut out all the irrelevant bits so its only 16 minutes.  If you have time to listen to it do hit reply to this email and  let me know what you think.

What’s your experience with Ageism?

I wish I’d been able to say more about my amazing fitness journey which has got me to where I am today and I wish I’d been able to say more about the existence of and the negative impact of Ageism and what we can do to abolish outdated negative ageist norms which can not only reduce the quality of our lives but also can shorten the time we have left on this planet. 

So here it is..

“Stacey Copeland meets Anita Dawn who is Opening a Functional Pilates Studio when Most People are Retiring!”

Happy listening…..and don’t forget

I’m waiting for your comments and feedback!  What’s your take on Ageism?  What are you doing – or what will you be doing – in your Retirement?




Anita “interviewed on Radio” Dawn