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Well for Being
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 27 reviews
by Denise Gilbert on Well for Being
Pilates....and so much more!

After doing Pilates for several years with a number of different well qualified teachers I was looking for a good Pilates teacher in Sale. I found and joined Sale Pilates, and I am so glad that I did. Anita is an excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. In small group classes, in her studio or online, she is able to ensure that all the exercises are done safely and correctly, whilst also accommodating people's individual needs. Anita is passionate about improving our health and enjoyment of life, especially as we mature! This all sounds very serious, but Anita's commitment and bubbly personality make the lessons interesting and fun! I have certainly noticed that I have far fewer aches and pains, and feel stronger and more flexible. If you have been toying with the idea of trying Pilates I definitely encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn with Anita. At Sale Pilates Anita offers a variety of classes, and maybe, like me, you will end up also trying, and enjoying, Anita's 'Step' and 'Low Impact Aerobic' classes. All great ways to get fitter and stay healthy.

by Joanna on Well for Being
Anchor Point Pilates

I have been doing Pilates for several years and last year I decided to try Anita’s classes. I was looking for something more personalised, something that would challenge me more and help me become stronger. With Anita’s classes I found exactly what I wanted! Due to small group sizes and her amazing memory of everyone’s needs (injuries, conditions and different experience levels) the exercises feel personalised, almost like having a 1 to 1 session. Since the start of the pandemic I have been doing the Anchor Point Pilates class, which is great for improving strength in a safe and interesting way. I am amazed by how Anita manages to see if you are doing the exercises correctly when this is an online class! If you think you can cheat and a have a lazy posture, you are wrong! I would certainly recommend the Anchor Point Pilates class for all experience levels.

by Ben Coker on Well for Being
Anchor Point Pilates

I've known Anita for some time and started the APP training earlier this year (2020) having previously done weekly classes in her studio last year. Anita is very professional and has a wealth of knowledge she adds to by continuing her own training and development so I know that she is providing an up to date approach to her teaching. The APP online programme has helped me improve my body alignment and balance and increased my strength. She has a unique ability to work with people at different levels in the same class which is highly beneficial to attendees of all ages and if there are any other guys out there interested in using pilates to improve your health and fitness I would strongly recommend Anita to help you with this.

by Annie on Well for Being
Anchor Point Pilates

I do several of Anita's classes each week and i enjoy them all. Anita is a knowledgeable and attentive teacher. Somehow she remembers everyone 's weaknesses and adapts the exercises to prevent injury. I recently started Anchor Point Pilates and really feel the benefit of it. Anita tailors the activities to each ability. Give it a go.

by Jennie Morgan on Well for Being
Excellent Pilates Tuition

My yoga teacher of 20+ years retired so, at the recommendation of a friend in London, set about finding a small class. I’m so pleased I found Anita. She accommodates my issues - dodgy knees and feet - and following my first knee replacement last October, am delighted that I can still participate fully whilst waiting for the second replacement. Being in a small group is so much better than being in a large class; if a position is incorrect she hones in like a heat seeking missile! I intend carrying on for many years to come.

by Dorothy Knowlson on Well for Being
Reformer Pilates

After having had two knee replacements, and ongoing treatment for my back, I decided to try Pilates (which incidentally was recommended to me by my knee surgeon). I was so lucky to find Anita at Sale Pilates only a short walk away. Nonetheless I was originally unable to make that walk. Since going to Pilates I am now able to walk progressively longer distances. My sense of balance and self confidence have improved greatly, and Pilates has now become a very important part of my life. I enjoy it immensely and look forward to going each week.

by Mary Webster on Well for Being
Chair Pilates

I've just come home from my first session of Chair Pilates at Sale Pilates Studio and I feel buzzed, wired or call it what you like but it's great. As I'd not been to anything like this before I'd no idea what to expect, was I going to have to sit in weird positions on a chair? No way, it was energising! Anita, the Studio owner gave very clear instructions and was vigilant in making sure the movement was done properly thereby making sure there was no chance of injury. It's amazing just how to work on various muscles whilst only using a chair, foam block and cushion and a stretchy length of rubber, a bit like a bungee thing-a-mey. Don't know to spell that! Sorry for going on but I really enjoyed it even though I have dodgy knees and am in my 70's

by Lissa Malan on Well for Being

Excellent service. Anita is lovely and very patient.

by Carol on Well for Being
Well for being

I have known Anita for a number of years and have always been inspired by her positivity and passion for well being whether it be Nordic walking or in her Pilates class. Having just completed her semi private beginners course I have signed up for her well being Pilates class and really looking forward to it. Anita always gives 100% attension to detail to ensure her clients have the best possible experience whilst being professional. I also enjoy her wellbeing walks and looking forward to soon being able to complete th Nordic walking course, thanks Ania for all your help an support

by Kate on Well for Being

I’ve had weekly 1-2-1 sessions for two months with Anita. I have a scoliosis of the spine and I have found Anita very professional and meticulous in getting to know and understand the peculiarities of my back. She has carefully constructed the sessions making sure the exercises are appropriate for me. She is a warm person and I have enjoyed my sessions with her. I am definitely getting less back pain since I started the sessions and am starting to feel stronger. I would recommend Anita.

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