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Have you been attending Private Training, Semi-Private, Small Group Training, Classes, Courses or Walks?  How long have you been attending?  What benefits have you experienced through coming to my sessions ?  Have my classes/sessions/courses/walks helped relieve your back pain? Do you feel better about yourself? Would you recommend me to people?  How is your instructor:  Knowledgeable? Experienced? Caring? Motivating? Enthusiastic?

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 18 reviews
by Kate on Well for Being

I’ve had weekly 1-2-1 sessions for two months with Anita. I have a scoliosis of the spine and I have found Anita very professional and meticulous in getting to know and understand the peculiarities of my back. She has carefully constructed the sessions making sure the exercises are appropriate for me. She is a warm person and I have enjoyed my sessions with her. I am definitely getting less back pain since I started the sessions and am starting to feel stronger. I would recommend Anita.

by Davina Clarke on Well for Being
Professional pilates

My physiotherapist recommended Pilates for repeating lower back and shoulder stiffness and weakness. I have just completed the beginners course and am now continuing with Anita as I found her professional, knowledgeable and meticulous. I have full confidence in her teaching. Her videos are excellent as an aid to practising at home.

by Sada kilby on Well for Being
3 years pilates

I've been going to Anita's class for 3 years now and after being a gym lover for a good while I've found that through Anita's teaching techniques and clever use of equipment that I now feel more benefit from her class than a hard gym session. I've found its so beneficial , especially for my back that can be sore after gym but not after Pilates Her classes are hugely enjoyable and teaching is done in a way to be not only for improvement of Pilates standards but in a good fun way as well .

by Jean on Well for Being
Great Pilates

I have been enjoying Anita's Pilates class for just over two years. I joined to get a bit fit and more mobile and I certainly am. I feel the benefit to my joints and muscles and my posture is better, partly because I keep remembering Anita saying "shoulders away from ears" and "head up, straight back". During this year I was diagnosed with arthritis in wrists, ankles and feet so the Pilates is even more necessary.In our group of ten some have been doing it for longer than others and there is an age range. Anita is brilliant at adapting for different abilities; "level one, do this, if happy with that, level two is to add ...". And she explains things very well and demonstrates everything which is so much better than just using words. In addition it is a lovely group of people. I really enjoy Tuesday mornings including coffee and chat afterwards. Jean

by Susan on Well for Being
Positive Pilates

Since joining this friendly and supportive class, I certainly feel healthier, happier and more positive about my fitness. Anita guides me through the exercises, enabling me to find my individual ability and reach my potential. The class is followed by a coffee, a chat and a feeling of wellbeing, thanks Anita!

by Lyn Eaton on Well for Being
5 Years with Anita's Pilates Classes

I joined Anita's Pilates class about 5 years ago to improve my fitness level and muscle strength and I've found Pilates has really helped my posture and core strength. The exercises have helped me feel more flexible, particularly in my back and shoulders. Anita is a brilliant instructor, very knowledgeable and patient. She takes into account each persons abilities and limitations and tries to improve on them. I feel fitter and stronger and the classes are a lot of fun.

by Geraldine Wilson on Well for Being
Osteoporosis - Semi-Private Pilates

Following a diagnosis of osteoporosis of my lumbar spine I was keen to improve my core and muscle strength.I have attended both yoga and Pilates classes in the past but felt it was too general without attention given to know if one was performing the correct movements, and more importantly not damaging oneself.I first attended with Anita for a 1-1 session at the Williams studio. I was impressed by her knowledge, attention to detail and enthusiasm.As a consequence of that session I commenced in May 2015 in a small group of 2 others for Pilates classes. I have not been disappointed. She continues to instruct in a non judgemental way, inspiring confidence, whilst all the time monitoring each person to ensure they are performing the correct movement for their Individual needs, often with humour!!I feel I have benefited greatly from the classes in both gaining insight into my condition and how to mobilise within the perimeters of it, which in turn has increased my confidenceI would have no hesitation in recommending Anita as she is an inspirational teacher

by Freda on Well for Being
All positive!

I have attended Anita's classes for three years and really enjoy them. This is the first time ever that I have stuck with an exercise class for such a long time and not lapsed or given up altogether! The reason is that the class is very friendly and enjoyable. Anita makes sure that we feel supported in what we do, but she is gently challenging and I am amazed to think how much I have improved since I first started. I know that there is still a lot to achieve, but Anita herself is a great example to us all and this spurs us on to do even better!

by Rachel on Well for Being
Semi-Private Pilates Sessions at The Williams Osteopathic Clinic

I’ve been going to Anita’s small group classes for a while, and really enjoy them. It’s great working in such a small group and getting individual feedback. Anita is very enthusiastic and approachable. She takes into account each individual’s abilities and limitations and adjusts the exercises accordingly. We use a good mixture of equipment and mat work, and Anita puts a lot of care into planning the classes. I’m much more aware of my posture now and how to correct it. I’d definitely recommend the classes.

by Sharon Richards on Well for Being
After a cancer diagnosis

After a cancer diagnosis and treatment I decided it was time to get fit again. Having done both Nordick walking and Pilates with Anita in the past, I knew how professional and knowledgeable she is so she was my obvious first port of call. Her dedication to her clients coupled with her attention to detail (not to mention a wicked sense of humour) make her classes both fun and effective. She gets you fit, she makes you laugh. Give it a go; you won't regret it.

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