Are you showing up as YOU?
Do you find yourself retreating into your shell as activities are curtailed and there is the constant threat of that silent enemy Covid-19 all around us?
This morning I realised that I have been, without knowing it.
Does this matter?  We’ll get back on track after the threat of this pandemic is over…won’t we?
Well, there’s two important things to consider here:   firstly, our current circumstances could go on for a very long time and secondly, it’s hard to start showing up again if we take a break.
Just like when we haven’t been to the gym, or a run or whatever activity you normally do, it is so hard to start again.  And as we procrastinate it only gets harder and harder.
However, for me it’s more about flexing my mental and social muscles.  I love my own company and I love running my Pilates studio but we’re social beings and we must use the opportunities we have around us. 
I’m talking about online.
Online socials, online quizzes, online coffee and chats and, of course online exercise classes.
Are you taking advantage of the amazing variety of classes that you can attend online?  
There is a  class for everyone:  beginners, kids, teenagers, menopausal women, pregnant women, older adults, chair.  You name it and its there for you and ‘there’ could mean its streaming from anywhere in the world.  How about attending a class streaming from Australia? 
A few weeks ago I hopped online to a Spanish lesson that was being streamed from Mexico and last week I joined a cousin I hadn’t seen for some 40 years on his Toastmaster meeting in Canada.  It was mind blowing!
The opportunities online are ‘virtually’ (sorry for the pun) limitless. Although I don’t actually recommend logging on to a class outside of your location if possible, as you will miss the opportunity to make new friends in your area.
I find it very sad when people tell me that they can’t be bothered, they find it hard to connect via a small mobile phone screen, or that the experience is soulless.
Turn online to a positive experience, one which will enrich your life.
Here’s how:

  1. Its’ never as hard as you think.  Once you have been shown how to get online and search for activities that you’re interested in, you’ll soon find it as easy as any other of the things you do in your life.


  1. Hook up to your TV.  Again, once you’ve been shown or have found out how to connect your phone, tablet or laptop to stream your online sessions through your TV, its easy.   And not only can you see better what’s going on, but you also feel more like you’re actually in a room with other people participating in socials, events and classes.


  1. Exercise Classes?  Shop around and find a class where you can interact with other class members and the instructor as you can via Zoom, but not on Facebook or other streaming software which is one-way communication only (apart from sending comments).

Some instructors are making a killing by allowing an unlimited number of participants in their virtual studio – and no facility rental overheads.  But in this case, you end up being a very small square on your screen amongst many others.  You miss the opportunity of interacting with others and making new friends, and probably won’t even get noticed that you are there, let alone doing the exercises safely and effectively.
This is why at Sale Pilates I ‘m still keeping my Small Group Training online classes to a maximum of six participants.  We log on 5-10 minutes early and have a social catch-up before the class, lots of interaction during the class and wind things up with a chat at the end.
My online classes during this pandemic have been a lifeline, not just for my members, but also for me as I live alone and look like being so for some time to come.
It’s not just the social element which is better in a small group but also, I’m able to maintain the same quality of instruction that I can face-to-face.
In my Boutique Group Training I have maintained a maximum of four.  These classes take Pilates to the next level using larger, more expensive props like foam rollers, fitness circles, arc barrels, mini stability balls and door anchors which are included in the membership.    
If you’re not exercising at the moment, haven’t found a class where you feel comfortable or need to socialise more, then do get in touch.  Call me on 07598 129189 or email me on and let’s get you started.
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Stay safe, keep moving and think positively
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