In this current climate, I’m sure it’s something we all worry about, but you know if you dont strength train your muscles, then you are putting yourself at higher risk.


Or let’s turn this into a positive shall we? Strength training can help prevent disease later in life.


Im not just talking about sarcopenia (muscle loss) or osteoporosis (bone loss). 

It can help in the fight against other killers like Diabetes, Cognitive Decline and Heart Disease.


I have the perfect solution AND it can be achieved in the comfort of your own home.


Anchor Point Pilates™ Online Programme


Want to get started straight away?  Then sign up now by clicking the link above.  The programme is £149 and includes:  20 educational exercise clips, 2 Masterclasses PLUS all the equipment youll need (except the door!) 


Need to know More? 

Modern day life requires less activity than our ancestors experienced with the advent of cars, home mod cons and chairs to mention just a few of the inventions which made our life easier.

Add to that Covid-19 restrictions and we have an even greater risk for disease and disability as we age. 


I first discovered strength training, which is also called resistance training or weight training, back in 1978 when I was working in London and a work colleague invited me to join her at one of the very first gyms which opened in the UK. Wall bars, weight machines, free weights, music, noise, sweat, energy…..I loved it!  


I was brought up by active parents who encouraged me to be active too – playing outside, climbing trees, tennis, swimming, hiking mountains, you name it and I did it.  But when I moved to the big city where activity opportunities became less I put on weight, lacked energy and often became sick.


Our bodies were designed and need to be physically active.  Our ancestors had to hunt and forage for food and fight off neighbouring tribes.  We still have the same physiology and physical needs, but our lifestyle has changed.  Not only are we less active but our lifestyle creates imbalances in the body, as do most activities and sports. 


I realised this at a young age and have made it my lifelong passion to learn all there is to know about how to keep myself fit and healthy.  And my life purpose is now to pass this on to others and motivate, educate and inspire them to do the same.


Rubber Resistance is still the best 

I started exercising with bands back in 1980s when I published my first book Anitas Power Band Workout”, then used weight machines and free weights as they started to develop and become more user friendly but Im back full circle. 


Resistance bands are ideal as we age and need to take greater care of our bones and joints.  We do this by working and keeping our muscles strong. 


Why Rubber Resistance? 

Tubing, bungie cords, bands start with low resistance which gradually increases as we stretch it.  This allows the body to adapt to the overload and thereby reduces the chance of injury in the muscles and joints.


Why an Anchor Point?

When a band is attached to an external point it provides greater variety and range of movement which is more functional for our everyday life.   


Why a Door Anchor?

Door anchors which I use in Anchor Point Pilates™ allows for an even wider range as they can be moved to any height which changes the focus of the exercise and allows for adaptation for different ability needs.



Heres what current APP members have to say:

Anita is very professional and has a wealth of knowledge she adds to by continuing her own training and development, so I know that she is providing an up to date approach to her teaching. The APP online programme has helped me improve my body alignment and balance and increased my strength  Ben Coker


“I recently started Anchor Point Pilates and really feel the benefit of it. Anita tailors the activities to each ability. Give it a go.” Annie Herbert


“Anita is so inspirational and a fantastic teacher. I love this program so much as you can do it at home and the workout videos are very clear and easy to follow. Thank you Anita for all that you do to serve your community. Highly recommend.”  Yvonne Radley


I have been doing Pilates for several years and was looking for something more personalized, something that would challenge me more and help me become stronger. With Anita’s classes I found exactly what I wanted!  I have been doing the Anchor Point Pilates class, which is great for improving strength in a safe and interesting way. I am amazed by how Anita manages to see if you are doing the exercises correctly when this is an online class! If you think you can cheat and a have a lazy posture, you are wrong! I would certainly recommend the Anchor Point Pilates class for all experience levels.”  Joanna Gregson 


Not yet convinced about the importance of muscle strength?

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Anchor Point Pilates™ Online Programme


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