It was 4pm on Thursday 12th March, I had been engrossed in a Nordic Walking Management Workshop at Tatton Park,  when I glanced at my phone….

Missed call and voice mail from the BBC!  “We’d like you to appear on BBC Breakfast tomorrow at 7am to tell us how you think the Coronavirus will affect those people over 70 and what measures you have in place to continue to serve this market.”

We listened to Boris’s broadcast and I was confirmed at 6.30pm.  I had just 12 hours before I’d be on air!  Prep, sleep (ha ha!), wake up, dress up…….it was going to be a rush.

4.30 am, after just 3 hours sleep, I was up for a short run to energise my body and my brain;  6am – the chauffeur, dressed immaculately in a suit and tie, whisked me off to Media City in Salford in his shiny black Mercedes.  I felt like I should have been giving the royal wave to passers-by!

Coffee, make-up, microphone fitted, waiting and watching the show on live TV on the wall, the show that I was about to walk into, take a seat on that massive red sofa with top Presenters Louise and Charlie and hope that I would get the right words out in the right order at the right time.

Breaking News!  This was just the start of the Coronavirus.   I felt honoured and excited to be invited as an Expert to speak on how it could affect those over 70, but I also felt the underlying concern and fear for what was just around the corner.

Ten days later and the world has been turned upside-down. My life….everybody’s life has been changed for ever!  The present has become a nightmare and the future a big unknown.

But we cope, we have to, human nature is all about survival.

How has the Coronavirus changed your life?  How are you coping?

Just 2 days ago it hit me.  I could no longer carry on the business that I had been doing for the past 10 years – teaching Pilates, running workshops and holding Talks face-to-face, and most recently running a Pilates studio with 20 classes and personal training sessions weekly.  What about my livelihood, my career, my purpose?

At first, I was in denial, thinking that it was a bad dream and that I would wake, and all would be back to normal.

During the past 2 days, since our PM announced that all Bars, Clubs and Studios be closed down and with the help of my Business Coach, Yvonne Radley, I have totally turned my business around to run it totally online.  Not only is there light at the end of the tunnel but I have found a way to continue helping people to age successfully and I’m really excited to embrace this new online challenge.

Not only am I passionate about keeping those in isolation healthy, happy and upbeat but I’m also passionate about getting the over 70’s online and benefiting from Social Media.

Although there is no substitution for face-to-face connection, technology will enable us to stay connected during the coming difficult months:  Facetiming family and friends, finding like-minded people through social media and staying healthy, fit and upbeat with Live Online exercises classes.

Have you embraced the internet yet?  If not, why not?

Anita “keeping you fit, healthy &sane” Dawn

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