I’m Anita Dawn

Personal Trainer and Successful Ageing Expert

Beginners’ Strength Training Programme for Over 60’s

Helping you to age successfully

Unlock Your Full Potential Over 60. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Helps prevent Osteoporosis

Maintains Muscle Mass

Stops the pounds piling on

Reduces risk of injury

Increases quality of life

Keeps you mobile into later life

About Me

I have lived a very active life, mainly oversease in the Middle East working in the health, fitness and sport field, and owe my wonderful health and fitness levels that I experience today in my 70’s to strength training.

I run my own Pilates Studio in SW Manchester, UK, and enjoy hiking, camping, wild swimming and riding my motorcycle in my spare time.

I have helped many women over 50 improve the quality of their lives by incorporating strength training into their regular exercise programme.

Course Content

4 Hour Course Online

  • Introduction
  • Exercise Guidelines
  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Core
  • Stretching

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