SUNDAY 12th January 2020

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This is an effective cardiovascular and toning workout.  A  2″ (optionals 6″ and 8″) platform is used to increase the intensity of movement whilst staying in your own space – not like in standard aerobics where we are often worried bumping into those around us.  This class adapts to all levels of fitness and ability by choosing an appropriate step height – or even no step at all for the less fit and/or abled.   Anita uses a slower music speed than most step classes to ensure safe and effective technique and with all the big hits of the 60’s and 70’s!


Pilates is designed to increase core strength and back mobility.  However, it also tones the whole body at the same time!  In this Taster Session I will give a brief introduction to the 5 Basic Principles of Pilates and how we apply them to some basic exercises


Kettlercise ® is THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning exercise class, that is designed to re shape and sculpt the body like never before.  It uses small Kettlebell weights for ladies 2kg to 8kg and for men 4kg to 10kg with  exercises in a set class routine that works every major and minor muscle group, it’s the only exercise class that gives participants a complete body workout.  It’s a high volume, moderate intensity program.  It’s a none stop program.


Chair based Pilates is exactly that, it is a modified version of the floor based mat repertoire but done in in a chair. The class is ideal for clients who would have difficulty moving into different positions on the floor and/or would prefer support whilst performing standing Pilates exercises. The class will focus on core exercises to strengthen the spine, increase strength and mobility of the joints in order to improve the function of the body in daily tasks. We will use a combination of small props; these props support chair based exercises and provide the body with feedback during the movements.


This is not for Beginners.  5 Intermediate exercises will be taught in a continuous format with minimal teaching points


Combines Pilate’s core moves and applies clinical Myofascial principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions. The class is designed to release tight muscles and enhance functional daily movement, and restructure the body.


HIIT, or high intensity interval training,  involves brief periods of high-intensity activity, followed by low-intensity periods of rest or extremely light training. These workouts are fantastic for improving agility, strength and burning fat.

The HIIT classes at SALE PILATES have been adapted to suit older adults in 2 ways:

  1. the ‘high intensity’ is relative to the age group
  2. the choice of exercises focuses on functional fitness i.e. exercises which will increase the quality of our everyday life and help us to age successfully.