Client Reviews


Boutique Group Pilates was formally callsed Small Group Training.  It provides almost the same results as Personal Training with just 4 persons maximum in a class.  During Covid restrictions class numbers are limited to 3.   These sessions differ from Small Group Training*, not only be having smaller groups but also by using state of the art Pilates Studio Equipment comprising Reformer, Tower, Stability Chair and Barrels.  At  Sale Pilates we use  top of the range Stott equipment.  The V2Max Reformer of the Rolls Royce of reformers which allows maximum support when needed and maximum challenge when you’re ready.  

If we continue to stream this class live online, Pilates Small Equipment is used (foam roller, fitness circle, toning balls, 2m flexband and soft balls) to create a ‘Reformer on the Mat’ class.

Check out what my current clients have to say in the video above about this type of training and why they prefer this type of training over larger groups or Personal Training.  


Note:  Boutique Group Pilates used to be called Small Group Training (SGT) but now that I have added a Matwork Studio I have changed the name and SGT now applies to slightly larger groups (max 6) which do not use the Studio Equipment.


  • Cost effective for individuals
  • Maintains qualify of training
  • Group situation is very motivational
  • Fun interaction between participants
  • Effective moral / team building
  • Brings together people with a similar goal