Please read through carefully prior to visiting the studio


  1. You need to have had both vaccines prior to attending sessions face2face.  Please advise Anita if this is not the case prior to attending.
  2. Use hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.
  3. Hand sanitizer is available on the windowsills left of back entrance and right of front entrance and must be used upon entrance and advised upon leaving.
  4. Entry is via the back door as usual.
  5. Wait at the back door for your temperature to be taken (via contactless infrared) prior to proceeding to the studio
  6. If you show/ have any signs of Covid-19 (temperature, cough and difficulty breathing), or just feel unwell, you will be sent home to follow the Government guidelines. Please stay at home if you have any symptoms or just feel unwell.
  7. All customers are requested to bring their own equipment: g. mat, block, band, small ball, water bottle and a box or bag to keep them in. If you do not have any you may be able to use Sale Pilates equipment provided you clean it thoroughly after use with the equipment sanitiser provided.  Alternatively, you can rent recommended equipment from Sale Pilates (ask Anita for details) or purchase from my website:
  8. Please come to class with only items required during the class and with your workout gear on.  Please leave all other items at home or in your car.  Only one bag (equipment) per person.
  9. Do not touch anything in the studio that you will not be using.  If you do inadvertently, please clean the area/equipment immediately afterwards.
  10. No towels allowed. Paper towels are provided, and bin capacity has been increased
  11. Leave your shoes in the shoe rack by the back door. Clean socks are required to be worn at all times and should only be put on upon arrival to class. Toesox are available for purchase at Sale Pilates and also via my website shop (link above)
  12. Everyone is requested to ensure social distancing at all times.
  13. The studio capacity is 4 persons and the floor is clearly marked with appropriate distance between mat placement.
  14. Please remain socially distanced at all times in the studio. Clients should not cluster ingroups before/ after classes.
  15. Face masks should be worn to and from the studio but clients should not use masks whilst exercising. Your instructor will wear a mask.
  16. Sale Pilates (me) will continue rigorous cleaning procedures and will carry out regular cleaning of high- contact touch points between each classes. (door handles etc).
  17. If there is a Covid-19 case at the studio, Sale Pilates will follow PHE Guidance.
  18. Only use the toilet in an emergency. If using the toilet, you must clean all surfaces before and after use using the cleaning materials provided. Please wash your hands. Wipes are not to be flushed down the toilet but placed in the bin provided.
  19. Social distancing will be monitored by the instructor throughout the class. Nothing will be passed to/ from the instructor to the customer- including personal items, water bottles etc.
    When the class has finished please collect all your belongings and change into your shoes as quickly as possible. No waiting around in groups.
  20. Remember to use the hand sanitizer before you leave.
  21. Please make sure you sign the updated WAIVER on your Team Up account.
  22. If you do not adhere to the above guidelines, you may be asked to leave or not allowed back whilst the pandemic is prevalent in our area.

Many thanks



Working together to keep us all safe!


28th June 2021