How are you all?  I hope you’re keeping a positive mindset, moving as much as you can and staying safe.
Have you had your jab yet?  How did you feel?  I’m getting rather nervous about getting mine this weekend….
I’ve made quite a few changes to my programmes over the past week and can’t wait to share them with you.


Fridays 4-4.45pm Stretch, Release, Relax.  FREE to members for February.  Non-members £8.
Sign up here:  Note:  the recording for this class will only be available in the Membership Site as will all other recordings (access for a small monthly charge of £10).

Tuesdays 9am STRONG Week 2.  Membership £20/month.  SP members 50% discount with SGT50 code.  Best to start with Week l which you can catch up on in the Membership Site. 

Saturday 6th 10-10.45am Walk Club (low impact cardio (choose walking, marching or jogging). This is a one off class where you could burn between 3,000 and 5,000 steps!
If you like it I’ll add it to the Schedule.
Sale Pilates Members 50% discount.  Code is SGT50.
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Saturday 13th Feb Webinar “Why You Should Be Looking After Your Muscles – and How?” 

Saturday 20th Feb Webinar “Bones:  Stress them or Break Them”

Streaming LIVE in following Groups:
Move More Age Less 2021
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And others

8.00 am Mon-Fri during February: Health Tips (5-10 mins)

Week 1            5 Pillars of Successful Ageing
Week 2            Sleep
Week 3            Diet
Week 4            Exercise

“Strong Muscles and Healthy Bones “ 6-Week Programme
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See you in my virtual studio

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