Webinar Via Zoom

10am Saturday 13th February 2021

Sign up to this Webinar and discover the disastrous effect of not keeping our muscles in good working order.

Muscles are more in vogue these days but we still hear females voicing their disgust stating that they’re not feminine.

But we’d be in a sorry state without them…just a heap of bones on the floor.

Muscles allow us to move around and if we don’t use them, we will lose them….well, they actually become weaker and shrink.

From the age of 30 you can lose 1% of muscles mass a year if you’re not very active.  That means that by the time you reach 60 you could’ve lost 30% of your muscle….unless you actively make the effort to strength train.

Join my upcoming Webinar to find out how you can maintain our muscle mass as you move into our 60’s, 70’s and beyond.  I’ll also be explaining the consequence of not maintaining strong muscles which I’m sure will be sufficient to push you into action.