Hi there!

This year I’m surprised that I’ve suddenly got a big milestone birthday to celebrate, I’m 70 in June and I feel better than ever.

Coming up in a minute I’m going to be telling you how you can tap into my secrets and feel fantastic as you get older.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again this is a great time for Baby Boomers entering their 6th, 7th & 8th decade.  This might be you, or it might be your parents or grandparents.

Social Media and TV are starting to realise that we have just as much right to be on the planet as anybody else and that we actually have a lot of life experience, abilities and wisdom to contribute.

Did you see the TV series Gold Digger starring Julia Ormond as a wealthy 60-year-old who falls in love with Benjamin, a man 26 years her junior? Also, you must check out Grace and Frankie on Netflix starring Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin. It’s hilarious and features two divorcees in their 80’s who get up to all sorts.

Nowadays, there is more awareness about the negativity of Ageism and hopefully by the next decade this will have been eradicated.

But hey guys!  If you are ageing well in comparison to previous generations, do your peers a favour and tell people how old you actually are.  Own it!  This will help to increase the profile of older people in Society and thereby allow us to get the respect we deserve and also push for equality for care, travel and health insurance, amongst other laws and practices.

I owe my own successful ageing to my conscious lifestyle choices.

Diet – focusing more of what we should be doing and not what we shouldn’t be doing. Taking a positive approach and not cutting things out, instead looking at what you can add in.

Sleep – A critical necessity, not a luxury. Did you know if you don’t get enough sleep you can literally lose years off your life?

Human touch is key to our health. Did you know a lack of hugs could affect cognitive decline? You need 8 a day for general health and 12 if you want to thrive.

These are just a few of the subjects we’ll be discussing in my latest workshop happening this weekend and I’ll be sharing with you how these can impact on things like getting Alzheimer’s later in life, or not, diminished cognitive ability,  anxiety and stress, and your overall health and happiness as we age.

It’s all part of my Five Pillars of Successful Ageing Workshops.


I’d love to see you there. Here’s an idea of what to expect.

A lot of the session is open discussion. It’s very interactive and we’ll be looking at things like:- communication with others. Do you have a best friend that you confide in? Do you have anyone? Do you have a person? We’ll examine what this looks like for all of us and whether we are putting too much pressure on relationships.

I’ve done a lot research which I will be sharing with you on this informative workshop and who knows at the end of the session we’ll probably hug it out before we go home feeling fantastic knowing that we are doing the very best we can to live a long and happy, active, life.

The Workshop takes place on Sunday 23d February 10am-1pm at Sale Pilates studio.

Here’s some kind words people have said about my previous workshops.

“It made me think about my what I feel and how it affects me”

“The Workshop has inspired me to be more positive in my outlook”

“It was lovely to give time to myself to think positively about myself”

“I liked having other people in the Workshop to discuss ideas with”

“It was a very informative workshop”

“I liked the experiences of the exercises we did”

If you would like to come along click this link to book your place. It’s a small group so numbers are limited to 10 people but we do still have a few places left. I’d love to see you there.



Many thanks