Will you be celebrating International Women’s Day?
If you’re over 50, will you be celebrating your day and your life?  No, I don’t just mean your past, I’m talking about your future – the most important part of your life!  The possibilities open to you as a woman, in the 21stCentury can be limitless!

Are you ready to live the best part of your life…
or are you stuck in Ageism?  Held back, not just by ageist beliefs of those who surround you, but also by the beliefs that you hold about yourself: “I’m old, I’m no longer capable, I’m not good enough anymore”!  Or you believe that once you retire you no longer have or need a purpose in your life. That it’s time to sit back and let other’s – your children, grandchildren and younger people in society – take the reins.

I read about women over 50 – and even over 100 –  making the most of their lives, still being productive members of Society and still being strong and active.


Look at what is possible in later life!

  • At 72, Margaret Ringenberg flew around the world.
  • At 75, cancer survivor Barbara Hillary became one of the oldest people, and the first black woman, to reach the North Pole.
  • At 80, Christine Brown of Laguna Hills, CA, flew to China and climbed the Great Wall.
  • At 86, Katherine Pelton swam the 200-meter butterfly in 3 minutes, 1.14 seconds, beating the men’s world record for that age group by over 20 seconds.
  • At 95, Nola Ochs became the oldest person to receive a college diploma.
  • At 98, Beatrice Wood, a ceramist, exhibited her latest work.
  • Queen Elizabeth II 92 years
  •  And as written in Wikipedia:  Eileen Ash, takes to skies on 106th birthday and  104 year old Salisbury woman NSPCC’s oldest volunteer!

Are you allowing ageist concepts, beliefs and thoughts to dominate your life?   Negative thoughts about growing older effect every cell in the body and will make you grow old.  Negative thoughts at any age will have a harmful, disease inducing effect.

The second half of your life…
brings with it a lifetime of experience, learning and wisdom.  Most of you also have more time available, and some of you more money.  Throughout your life you have been busy: busy taking exams at school, busy studying for a career, busy bringing up children and busy paying the bills.

Now it is your time!
But you are only able to make the most of these years if you retain your health and fitness.

Stay healthy and fit
Being healthy and fit does not just happen!  Ideally, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle from childhood and throughout life.  The earlier you start paying attention to taking care of your mind and body the better. Some of you are not fortunate enough to have led an active life as a child, as I have done, but it is never too late to start.  You can improve your health and fitness at any age!  But you must work at this on a regular basis or you will decline and either end up being dependent upon your family or society or die early, instead of living out your dreams and fulfilling your bucket list before you die.

Confusing Media
There is a lot of information published these days about how older adults can improve the quality of their lives through leading a healthy lifestyle but how do you know who to believe and what is right for you?  Let me warn you that a lot of companies are out to steal your money:  the big pharma is out to age you younger by selling you the magic pill, capitalist companies conning you to buy their anti-ageing products and a lot of independent businesses that this diet and that diet will help you to lose weight which in turn will ‘take years off your life”!

It is important to find out who is sponsoring the information or product and the qualifications of those who produce it and also read the reviews.

The importance of nutrition and exercise
From an early age I discovered how important nutrition and exercise was to my wellbeing and so I went to the source.  I read the books, I took the courses and I learnt from the top professionals in these fields like Dr Christianne Northrup – leader in Womens Health, Kelly Brownell – International Weight Loss Expert, Douglas Brooks – International Presenter on Exercise Technique, Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie – leaders in Older Adult Functional Fitness, Colin Milner – leader in Active Ageing.  The list goes on!  On top of that I have had 50 years’ experience observing my own mind and body, as well as 30 years experimenting to find out what are my own personal needs and requirements.

Do you know what is best for you? 
If you find the constant bombardment of advertisements and articles confusing then consult a specialist:  a Personal Trainer, a Nutritionist, a Lifestyle Coach, or a Successful Ageing Coach, but don’t always believe what you are told!

It is important to listen to your own mind and body
listen to the signals it is sending you.  Signals?  I hear you say.  What signals? I don’t hear any!

It is important to make quiet time for yourself every day.  Time to breath consciously, time to listen to what your mind and body are telling you, time in stillness.

I love this quote that has been going around on social media recently:

If you’re too busy, stressed and surrounded by noise you will not hear those signals but if you sit somewhere quiet – preferably in nature – they will be clearer.

Learn to say ‘no’
Most importantly you need to be able to say ‘no’.  No to looking after your grandchildren all the time, no to doing things for free if you have the skills and experience and no to those people who tell you to ‘act your age’!

Fight against Ageism
Ladies!  You have Work to Do!

It’s time that you fight against Ageism, gain the respect you need, and the ability to function as a respected member of society.

You need to do this, not just for yourself, but for all Baby Boomers and for Generation x who are close behind.  You need to be able to show society what the new 50, 60, 70 and beyond looks like and show the world that ageing does not necessarily mean decline, nor does it necessarily mean disease – and certainly not dependency.  You have the same human needs of love, respect, self-development and self-realisation as anyone.  You need to show that you can still make valuable contributions to your community and to society and the world.

I have been affected by Ageism a lot in recent years.   As I approached 60 and was telling a work colleague about some of my goals, he turn to me and said in surprise “you still have goals at your age!”  I am now approaching 70 and the list of my goals are still there – and will be until I die!