Do you feel things changing as we slowly come out of lockdown?

Are you changing?


I know I am. Although I’ve been very busy running my Sale Pilates business online, the break from my normal routine has pushed me to think outside of the box.

Have you heard the saying ‘a break is as good as a holiday’?

A break from routine is always good. When we’re confronted by new situations and the need to make new choices we wake up….we see reality, we feel our needs and we can visualise our dreams more clearly.

What is your new reality?

What are your dreams?


No matter what your reality is, no matter what your dreams are, one thing is clear…..your body needs movement in order to stay fit and healthy. No health, no fitness = no dreams. It’s that simple.

Here at Anita Dawn Wellbeing, I and my clients have formed a community where mutual moral and physical support has kept us going throughout lockdown. Sale Pilates has been delivering 20 live online sessions a week since the end of March and will continue to do so as long as necessary……and beyond.

I will always be delivering online live classes alongside my face2face sessions because the benefits are huge, the advantages many and, with the help of my clients feedback and online communities, I have learnt to embrace Zoom and Facebook online teaching.

If you are not already attending an online live class, come along to my free webinar this Saturday at 11.30am-12.30pm to discover how online can enhance your life.


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I have just gone to America this weekend – virtually!

What would have previously cost me 10 days off work, a little over a grand on flight, hotel and conference fees and limited access to sessions, our new virtual world cost me £80. Not only that but I only took 1 day off work and had access to all sessions as they were able to be recorded.

Yes, I missed the face-to-face networking benefits of attending an international conference in person, but we still had networking session in virtual breakout rooms and more people from all over the globe were able to attend what otherwise would have been impossible.


Do you have a mental block against technology? Computers? Smart Phones? The internet? Facebook? Zoom?

Use of these platforms has doubled during lockdown. Not just in younger generations. People over 60 are the biggest growing population to use Facebook. No matter what your age you can learn how to navigate your way around technology, Apps and Social Media. Online, you can find your tribe, you can learn about anything you want, and you can connect with people anytime, anywhere.

Your children will not be around for ever, nor may your partner or maybe you’ll be on your own like me. But one thing is sure that there will always be the internet, there will always be Facebook or similar and there will always like-minded people to connect with.


Lockdown has opened up a whole new online experience!

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I hope you are all safe and well and I look forward to seeing you on the Webinar, in my classes or on one of my programmes.


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Stay safe, keep moving and always think positive thoughts!