I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to say ‘exercise’.


No, I’m not!  There’s a much more effective way of getting rid of aches and pains in the body as we get older.


Some people turn to pain killers, or just accept the aches and pains are a part of ageing, whilst others force themselves to exercise through the pain.


Through my research and my own experience I have discovered there is a much better, more powerful way to get rid of aches and pains, especially as we get older.


Want to know what it is?


Sign up to my Successful Ageing workshop entitled “The Power of Purpose” to find out how  Purpose plays a role in relieving and preventing the aches and pains that so many people over fifty complain of.


This is the second workshop of “The Five Pillars of Successful Ageing”; the others being Relaxation, Mindset, Lifestyle and Exercise.


I am still offering the Early Bird price on the complete set of five workshops for the next two people who sign up.    Don’t worry if you missed the first one on “Relaxation” because you can catch it next time round in April 2020 when I start delivering the series again.  The Early Bird price for all five workshops is £160 – £144 if you are a Sale Pilates member – saving you £81!


The Workshops run every fourth Saturday of the month (except for December) and there is an optional ‘add-on’ Nordic Walking Workshop 1.30pm-4pm on the same day.    Not only is this a great opportunity to learn one of the best ways to keep fit and maintain your body weight but also the time spent out in Nature helps you to digest the morning’s workshop and can provide for some interesting conversation.


Knowing ‘Purpose’, knowing ‘my’ purpose, has been life changing for me! 


Why not sign up and let me show you how it can also be life-changing for you!




I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 23rd November.