It’s that time of year again. The nights are drawing in, the year is coming to a close, you start thinking about all those things you promised you would do. How many have you ticked off?
We all promised ourselves more Me Time didn’t we after the past few years. Less time looking after the family, who are old enough to look after themselves and more time for ourselves – being out in nature, doing our workout of choice, doing nothing some days.
But then life gets in the way and our lifelong roles of mother, grandmother, sister and daughter seem to forever take preference and as 2022 is hurtling to an end and we still have things on our To-Do List that we haven’t got done.
Before you start planning 2023, let’s reflect upon 2022.  What went well for you and what didn’t, what things did you enjoy doing and which not so much and what made you happy and what made you less so?
In my brand new ‘Life Pie for woman over 60’ Workshop which I’m delivering this Friday 16th December 11-12.30pm, I’m going to help you to answer these questions, to find clarity where you are now and then, together we’ll put some plans in place for 2023.

Who Is This Workshop For?

I have designed this Workshop as much for me as you because I believe real power comes from women supporting each other in all areas of life, work and play.  
It’s going to be a small group and we’ll be meeting face to face at Sale Pilates.
We’ll look at the 8 pieces of our Pie:  Lifestyle, Money, Friends and Family, Adventure, Passion Project, Health & Wellness, Relationship with Self & Partner.
So if you want to get some accountability and productivity in your life, you’re the type of woman who likes to take action and have a plan and are not (too) afraid of change.
This is the perfect programme for you if you want to be supported by other nurturing people. We love to learn new things, challenge ourselves, be at the heart of discussions, have ambitions. We want to ditch the overwhelm and live a more balanced life in the future.

CLICK BELOW for more INFO on my workshop and to book your place  – places are limited.
“LIFE PIE for Women Over 60”

There’s a minimal payment of £10 which includes refreshments, £5 for Early Birds (ends 12 noon Thursday 15th Dec) and also for Sale Pilates Members.
Imagine how good you’ll feel falling out of bed on New Years Day knowing that you already have your road map in place for an amazing 2023.
This will be my first workshop in a while as I’ve been busy recovering from my open heart surgery for heart valve replacement/repair which I had earlier this year.  I never realised just how much trauma the whole body goes through after major surgery and how long it would take me to get my energy back.
Bring on 2023!  A New Year . . . a Better Us ❤️
PS  Please pass this email on to anyone you think may be interested, or who you think needs it.
PPS If you’re not yet 60 you’re still welcome to join – yes, age is just a number!  It’s more about mindset.