Happy International Women’s Day to all my Queenagers out there!


Before I dive into what’s happening at Sale Pilates this month, let’s see how we can celebrate International Women’s Daywhich is tomorrow, 8th March.


This year the focus is on Generation Equality  – amongst young women and children.


When I read that, my blood pressure went up.  “What about Queenagers”  I cry out loud to myself!  Queenagers being the new term for women who are into the second half of their lives.


This year I think it’s particularly important to focus on the older adult (65+) who, according to the WHO and NHS, is more at risk to catch the coronavirus. 


Just a quick mention here that older men are at greater risk than older women but, sorry guys, tomorrow is all about women!


Because of the spread of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that we take maximum care of ourselves through every aspect under the umbrella of a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’. 


Combatting this virus is all about survival of the fittest. 


Top of lifestyle behaviours is diet, exercise and sleep.  The three main lifestyle behaviours that impact the strength of our immune system.


I am disappointed that emphasis tomorrow will not be on the ‘older female’ but I’m also disappointed how the WHO, NHS and the media class the 65+ generation as one homogenous cohort.


Today, there has never been a less homogenous generation:  The way one person ages can be entirely different to another – no it’s not about genes – it’s about the lifestyle you choose to live.  There are women in their 70’s climbing Everest and women in their 70’s who are  sick and disabled in a wheel chair.


The government and health agencies still classify older adults according to their chronological age, but its about our physiological age and how well we have looked after ourselves and continue to do so.





I continue to offer a wide and varied programme.  Most of my classes are focused on Pilates, yet all them are Pilates based, meaning I always pay attention to back alignment and core engagement throughout.


New Classes: 

Chair Pilates 3.15-4.15pm Mondays starting on 9th March – still places

60+ Pilates 2-3pm on Tuesdays starting on 10th March – still places.



March is International Speech Contest month at Toastmasters, a group I passionately belong to.  Last year, I won the Contest at Club level and came 3rd at Area Finals.  This year I came 2nd in the Club and will again be competing in the Area finals later this month. Wish me luck!  (if you want to read more about my speech check out my recent Blog “War and Peace”. 

Because of this, apart from ongoing classes, March is a relatively quiet month.


Successful Ageing Workshop

The Workshop scheduled for 29th March has been postponed to 26th April.  In this upcoming Successful Ageing Workshop I will be covering Diet and this will include how to build your immune system and health in general – all critical to remain resilient to external infections, viruses and harmful bacteria and we will also be looking at Exercise.  What type is best when we get over 50, 60 and beyond, and general guidelines.


Nordic Walking Technique Session:

The Nordic Walking technique session and Nordic Easy Walk will go ahead as scheduled on Sunday 29th March as follows:


2-3pm Technique Session (beginners welcome)

3-4pm Easy Nordic Walk  (suitable for beginners – provided they’ve done the technique session – and improvers)


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Many thanks to those of you who have already sent in a review. 


See you soon








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