I’m so excited to tell you about the new programme I’ve been working on over the past few weeks.  It’s called Anchor Point Pilates and I’ll be launching it very soon.

It’s a fusion of Pilates, Strength Training and Functional exercise.  The perfect programme not just to do during lockdown but as part of your exercise routine long term.

So why have I chosen this combination?

With the gyms being closed during lockdown, I have been flexing my muscles at home with bands and tubing to keep myself strong and to keep my metabolism revved up.

Just a few weeks into ‘staying at home’, I realised that I could also use rubber resistance for a lot of the Pilates Mat and Reformer exercises which are so beneficial for back health and core strength!  Et voila!  Anchor Point Pilates was born!

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Anchor Point Pilates

What about Aerobic Exercise? I hear you say


The Government insists that we get our 1 hour of aerobic exercise every day but what it doesn’t tell us is that we should also be doing strength training, which can be done at home, and of course, Pilates.

I want to stay strong during lockdown so that I can hike the fells when it ends and have confidence that I can pick up my 200 kg motorbike when I drop it!  However, my biggest incentive in doing Anchor Point Pilates 3 times a week is to stop the pounds piling on!

How do You feel when you gain weight?

If you find that you are beginning to gain a few extra pounds whilst staying at home, it could be because you are losing your muscle mass – and not because you’re eating more ‘treats.


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Do you remember how hard it is to get rid of excess weight?

In my 20’s I put on a stone after being sick with Hepatitis.  I’ll never forget just how hard it was to get back in shape.  Now it will be even harder as I get older.

It’s important that you keep moving and make every meal an opportunity to nourish your body with healthy, nutrient dense food not just during lockdown, but during normal everyday life.

A healthy lifestyle will strengthen your immune system and your body will be better able to survive the coronavirus and other illnesses should you be unfortunate enough to catch anything.

Keep moving, flex your muscles and get on my pre-sales list today….