Have you kept up with your New Year resolutions?

According to research, 95% of people who make New Year resolutions break them within the first 15 days.

The way I see it is that you can’t change your habits – or start a new one –  without changing your Mindset.  To change you Mindset takes time and insperience (looking inwards, meditating, contemplating and applying the techniques which I will be teaching this Saturday at my ‘Master your Mindset’ Workshop.




If you go forward into 2020 with the same Mindset that you had in 2019, it is doubtful that you will achieve different results to what you achieved last year.

Old habits are deeply ingrained in your Mindset.  The initial will power you find to start a new habit – or change an old one – doesn’t last (as was demonstrated in ‘The Truth About Getting Fit’ shown on BBC 4 last night), unless:


  • The resolution is congruent with your Mindset
  • You believe you can achieve it
  • Not achieving it is unacceptable to you
  • The resolution will enhance your life


First of all, you need to check in with your Mindset, then you need to believe in what you want to achieve and want to do it for you, not for your partner, your friends or anybody else.  Then you need to create positive thoughts around it which you then need to express in positive language which reinforces your commitment.

It’s not too late to get back on track!

Think how amazing you’ll feel when you carry this New Year resolution all the way through 2020, think how strong you’ll feel and, WOW!  What a great boost to your confidence!

What do you have to lose?

This ‘Master Your Mindset’ Workshop will take your life to the next level!

SIGN UP NOW whilst I still have places.





10am-1pm, Saturday 25th January 2020

Sale Pilates Studio, 2 North Parade, SALE, M33 3JS



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PS  While attending the Workshop, why not stay on for my ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ Workshop 2-3pm on Saturday 25th January and/or an Easy Nordic Walk 3-4pm?