Welcome to Nordic Walking!

Nordic Walking is the fastest growing recreational fitness activity in the civilised world.

When I first tried Nordic Walking I was amazed at what a good workout it was and how much fun I had in such a short period of time.

I am now hooked on this highly enjoyable activity knowing that it is something I can do well into the later years of my life and am passionate about passing it on to the community.

Nordic Walking owes it roots to cross country skiing, used as a summer training exercise for skiers to maintain their fitness during the snowfree months. But don’t panic! It is as easy or as hard as you want to make it!  However, it is important to be taught the correct technique using proper Nordic Walking poles in order to enjoy effective and safe walking (see course information below).

Why you should choose Nordic Walking

If you answer yes to any of the following then Nordic Walking is definitelty for you!

• Hate going to the Gym
• Feel lethargic and sluggish
• Want to lose a few pounds
• Want to feel more toned
• Want to feel better about yourself

Walking the Nordic way will give you many benefits which include an all over body workout. By using the poles you will be working the upper body as well as the lower thus utilizing 90% of all the major muscles in the body. Burn up to 46% more Calories per hour and improve your fitness level by up to 20% compared to regular walking.

Nordic Walking helps you achieve your goals whatever they are: Wellness, Improved fitness, Posture & Core Stability, Weight Loss, Sports Conditioning, etc…

As you can see the benefits are immense, Nordic walking is suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels. Join us for a walk and come and see for yourself how enjoyable getting or keeping fit can be.

Nordic Walking will also introduce you to new friends as it’s fun and sociable and no fancy clothing is required!!


Sale Water Park
Chorlton Park/Kenworthy Woods
Dunham Massey Park
Tatton Park
Wythenshawe Park
Other possibilities considered

How to begin?

Join me for a Taster session first to find out whether its right for you r

The Next Step?

Register for a ‘Learn To Nordic Walk’ Course when you will be taught effective and safe ways to walk with the Nordic Walking poles.

Courses run on a regular basis. The next course dates and times are listed under Schedule of Tasters, Courses & Walks.


After completing a 4 week course (or if you are already competent in Nordic Walking) I am pleased to offer three types of Group Walks:

‘HEALTH WALK’ – A 1 hour guided walk with tuition to ensure you continue with good Nordic Walking technique, for those who want low level exercise in beautiful surroundings to improve or maintain heath and wellbeing for the body and mind.Average walking pace 2-2.5 mph

‘FITNESS WALK’– A faster paced guided walk where you will receive tuition to ensure you continue with good technique and will be given the opportunity to try more progressive techniques and fun resistance toning exercises using the poles. Nordic walking uses 90% of our skeletal muscles and can burn 46% more calories than normal walking. It really is a great way to improve fitness with out being stuck in a gym! Approximately 1 1/2 hours covering around 4 miles

Contact Anita for more information


  • Dunham Massey
  • Lyme Park
  • Delamere Forest
  • Macclesfield Forest
  • Others

Group walks are £4 for the walk and £2 pole hire. Please come in trainers or walking shoes, and make sure you book in advance.

Pay for a ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ course on Taster day and receive 10% discount
Recommend a friend and if they sign up to a 4 week course you get a FREE group walk!

**WALKS GO AHEAD IN ALL WEATHER! (except for in thunder storms!)