What Is Personal Training?


Personal Training is the most effective way to attain exercise and health related goals.

As we get older i.e. over 50, the focus of our exercise, activity and movement  changes….but not the way most Trainers think!  It has always been thought that older adults should continue to work on the three main elements of fitness:  Cardio, Strength and Flexibility, but modify their exercise programme by doing less, reducing the weights and generally not pushing themselves.



What a load of old bollocks!  

As you age you need to change your exercise focus towards more functional fitness i.e. exercise which is going to benefit you in your daily life.  This can be different from person to person.  Never has a generation been more diverse than the Baby Boomers and, therefore, it is important to follow your own unique programme designed especially with your abilities, health and biomechanical issues and personal goals in mind.

A busy lifestyle may be an issue with people who are having to care for family members, for grandparents who carry out babysitting duties or people who just have a busy calendar, making it hard to fit in the time to exercise.  

A huge benefit of Personal Training is that it not only maximises the safety and effectiveness of your exercise programme but also allows you more flexibility with scheduling and rescheduling appointments with your Trainer.



Here at The Sale Functional Pilates Studio, we are qualified in Pilates, Functional Fitness and Exercise for Older Adults and Anita Dawn, the Owner, Manager and Main Instructor, not only has more than 30 years experience in working with older adults but is also an ‘older adult’ herself.  Anita says “until I turned 60, I never realised what it was actually like to be an ‘older adult’ and no matter how qualified and experienced a Trainer is, it is not possible to truly understand someone unless you have walked the walked.”

Anita has dedicated most of her life to exercise and ageing and in 2018 she took her knowledge to the next level by becoming a Functional Ageing Specialist.


Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Exercise designed specifically for you
  • Safer, better and faster results
  • Maximise use of time
  • Have a structured goal orientated progression
  • Holistic Lifestyle approach
  • Motivation
  • Realistic approach to your training
  • Overall wellness taken into account


Available Programmes:

  • Functional Pilates for Older Adults
  • Better Back Health
  • Wellbeing
  • Fitness
  • Sports Conditioning


*Full Assessment includes:
Postural analysis, Weight, Body fat %, Body Water %, Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Physique Rating



Full Assessment provides you with important base line  information presented in report form which allows us to 1) assess your current health and fitness status, 2) enable me to set a more realistic programme and  3) enable you to track your progress with actual data.  Access to this data is known to powerfully motivate clients, assisting them to stay focused and to achieve their goals more quickly.

Postural Analysis is focused on analysing spinal alignment and mobility and core muscle strength and balance enabling me to draw up an effective and safe exercise programme for you.


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