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The Myths

  1. Pilates is only for females
  2. Pilates is just for Rehab
  3. You have to be able to get down and up from the floor
  4. Arthritis limits my ability
  5. I’m too old

The Facts:

  1. Pilates improves posture
  2. Pilates reduces aches and pains
  3. Pilates can be modified for everyone
  4. Pilates doesn’t have to be hard – but it can be if you want
  5. You don’t have to be able to get down to the floor
  6. Pilates can be done using a chair for support
  7. Pilates can use wall anchors and resistance bands instead of gravity

3rd Nov – 8th Dec 2023





 Limited places available


Individualised to suit your needs

This course is taught in a Small Group maximum 6 persons to make sure all participants are doing the exercises safely and correctly;  to allow for modifications to be made as and when required;  to deliver the best results possible.

THIS IS NOT A GENERAL COURSE LIKE MOST OTHER COURSES!   I have modified the standard Pilates exercises to make them more functional for people over 60. The exercises you will learn will help you to be more active, mobile and flexible in your every day life, on holiday and for your hobbies as you get older.

Get a friend to sign up too and you’ll both get a FREE 30 minute Personal Training session with me.

Video Clip of some exercise modifications and alternative given during courses and classes

  1. Weekly Video clips of exercises covered
  2. Maximum 6 persons guarantees maximum learning
Terms & Conditions:
  1. Non-refundable
  2. Transferable prior to start of course
  3. All materials are for use by the subscriber only


** Here’s what people are saying **

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I have just completed the Beginners course for Seniors. I joined because I needed help with maintaining good posture and a strong core. I really enjoyed the course which was small in numbers and allowed a lot of interaction and personal help and introduced me to the fundamentals of Pilates . Anita is welcoming, fun and passionate as well as knowledgeable about her job. She really wants to help you! I have come away feeling much better about my problems and how to deal with them. I will certainly continue with sessions in the future. I would definitely recommend Anita.


I am virtually a beginner at Pilates but did try it over 25 years ago.
At my age I am looking to understand how to keep my body in shape in later life and to rectify the bad posture habits I have acquired. This face to face beginners class with low numbers was exactly what I wanted to achieve virtually a one – to- one experience that was directed towards ageing adults with their normal health problems. As someone who has had a heart attack I could relate well to being helped by someone who had come through similar issues. This class was exactly what I was hoping for and despite the fact I was the only male we got on well and I learned a lot. I would recommend Anita and her methods wholeheartedly.


I have really enjoyed this course.
The face to face beginners was exactly what I needed.
Anita is an excellent teacher.