Pilates Essentials - also meaning Beginners - will give you a foundation to your Pilates journey.

Pilates 5 Basic Principles

The 5 basic principles will help you to do the Pilates exercises correctly, effectively and safely.  These principles will also improve your daily movement patterns to reduce aches, pains and injury.

The main focus of Pilates is Core Strength and Spinal Mobility but you will also get a stronger, more flexible and mobile body in the process.

The Pilates Essential exercises will improve the quality of your every day life, enable you to carry on with hobbies with energy and passion and also enhance sports performance.



Being in the right start position (alignment) will help you to do the exercizes correctly, safely and effectively


After starting with the correct alignment, the way you do the exercise is important.  Poor execution can lead to poor results and injury.


Workouts are divided into:

Full Body Workout 45-60 mins:

These classes stretch, strengthen and mobilise all the major parts of the body and should be done 2-3 times a week.

Mini Workouts 15-30 mins:

These mini workouts focus on a section of the body or specific muscle groups.  Mini workouts can be combined to form a full all round class.

It's important that the whole body is covered 2-3 times during the course of a week.


Muscles, joints and fascia need stretching on a regular basis to maintain mobility and reduce stiffness and injury.

Correct stretching technique is essential in order to get results and to reduce injury