Ever gone to an exercise class and left feeling ‘old’?


Over 60?  Or you might be an unfit, overweight over 50.  Nervous of joining an exercise class because you think that you will not be able to keep up?  Hate feeling embarrassed when you can’t do something?


Well that’s how I felt at a fitness workshop I went to recently and it reminded me that the majority of fitness classes and workshops are geared towards the younger, perhaps fitter, participant.  


Age is just a number! But……


It’s not about age I hear myself saying – and you might be thinking the same thing – but come on guys let’s be realistic…..our bodies (and minds) do need to move slightly slower and take a few more rests as we get older and even it we can keep up it will take us days to recover!



For myself this applies to me in my late 60’s.  It was a bit of a reality check when I tried to keep up with the 30, 40 and even 50 somethings.


I was pretty sure that I was at least 10 years older than anyone else and so I told myself that it was ‘OK’ to do less repetitions and take more rests.  But I still felt disappointed in myself.


The day after my ‘feeling my age’ experience’  I felt amazing for having pushed myself a bit harder than if I had been exercising on my own – and a motivating instructor does make a huge amount of difference too!  However, my ego was a little bruised and I had to take it easy the following day to recover, both of which left me asking myself whether I am prepared to submit my 60 something self to the same physical and emotional abuse again…..



The perfect workouts for you!


If you are a 60 something male or female, or an unfit 40/50 plus and can relate to the above – then wait no longer!


Later this year I will be rolling out my new unique ‘Strong After Sixty’ classes both in my Sale Pilates studio and online.  


My brand new classes will be all your favourite classes, your favourite moves, your favourite music … but just a tad slower, with slightly longer learning curves and with lots of options for modifications.   



My new 60+ classes will 


  • build your confidence – not destroy it like we often feel in the wrong level class
  • increase your energy levels 24/7
  • reduce your body fat
  • tone your muscles
  • AND most importantly … be fun, fun, fun!



Why exercise?

  • We exercise for results whether its physical, mental or emotional.  
  • The body and the brain needs exercise.  
  • No exercise = increased risk of disease and/or loss of mobility = potential loss of independence


The key to results is consistency – minimum once per week and preferable 3 times a week depending upon the class you do.


Exercise guidelines 



Exercise guidelines are the same quantity for all ages but different intensity and focus:


aerobic exercise : 3-5 times a week

strength training : 2-3 times a week

Stretching : daily

Pilates : 1-5 times a week depending upon your needs and goals


As we enter our 60’s and beyond the focus of exercise needs to change from just exercise per se to functional exercise which will enrich our lives enabling us to do what we want, need and love to do well into our later years.


Live classes versus online




  • With an instructor – in class – with like bodied people – is always better
  • your instructor can make sure that you re doing the exercises correctly
  • safer
  • more effective
  • gets you out the house
  • you can see that others are not perfect either
  • introduce you to like minded/bodied people
  • more fun



  • convenient 
  • can be done at a time and place that suits you
  • ensures consistency
  • ensures lasting, long term results 




  • If you can’t attend classes regularly or access workouts online then another option is to purchase one of my DVDs  which gives you all the benefits of working out online.


Exciting Times!


I am so excited about my forthcoming ‘Strong after 60’ classes!  If you are too and would like to be added to my ‘Pre-Launch’ list so that you get the latest information and priority to book, subscribe or purchase my ‘Strong After Sixty’ workouts.  Click on the following link to sign up or email me your details (full name, email ID and Mobile number) and I will add you on personally.




I know you are all in ‘Summer Mode’ but, and I hate to say it, September will soon be here when we settle back into our normal lives and prepare for the Autumn and Winter seasons ahead.


All my programs, whether classes, online or DVDs, have limited space and/or quantity. So get yourself on my ‘Strong After Sixty’ Pre-Launch List TODAY to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you will get a place on one of my exciting new programmes.  Your commitment TODAY will create an opportunity for you to not just improve the quality of your life but also to prevent the loss of ability and function which often happens as we age.


Don’t delay … sign up to my pre-launch list NOW with no commitment or obligation whatsoever. 


I can’t wait to have you along on my journey of life over 60…..