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‘Use it or lose it’.  This is especially true over 60, but what does ‘use it’ actually mean.  It means more than just keep moving.  It’s what you do and how you do it that matters.  Here at Senior Fit Solutions we look at your goals, assess where you are now and then plan your ‘journey’ – your unique programme.  Whether you choose Personal Training for faster results or Small Group classes where you’ll achieve your goals but in a longer time frame, we’re here for you.  You’re not just another class member – but someone special and your goals matter to us.

We use a variety of functional equipment from wall anchors, resistance bands and straps to the Pilates Reformer to increase your strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

We also offer a variety of talks and workshops on health, fitness and lifestyle to increase your understanding on how to live your best life – at any age.

Small Group Classes & Personal Training

Build resilience to overcome life’s challenges


Don’t let a  lifetime of back wear and tear and a weak core bring your life to a standstill.  Join this easy to follow gentle Pilates class to carry on where your physio left off to maintain long lasting painfree results


Make sure that you can carry your shopping and luggage without straining your back;  Surprise your grandchildren when you get down to the floor to play with them and get back up again – unaided!  Drop some handicaps in your Golf;  Climb that mountain at the top of your bucket list.


Your posture, your balance and strong bones all rely on strong muscles.  Build upon your base level of strength gained in Functional Pilates and make sure that all your muscles stay strong.

Prevent – and even reverse – Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis by joining Strong Seniors™  for  30 mins 2-3 times a week.   You will also burn any excess body fat and enable you to stay indepenent until later in life

Joseph Pilates:

“If you’re 30 and your spine is stiff, you are old – if you’re 60 and your spine is flexible, you are young”

Use it or Lose It!

We cannot store flexibility, cardio fitness or strength


Class Timetable

Strong Seniors



Spine Care


10.30-11.15 am

Functional Pilates L1


10:30 – 11.30am

Functional Pilates L2



Talks & Workshops

Finding Balance & Fulfilment

Exercise is said to be the magic pill, however it’s so easy to get focused on just one part of your life to the detriment of other parts.  Sign up to the ‘Pillars of Successful Ageing’ workshops to discover how you can better bring balance to your life.

Avoiding and Managing Heart Disease


Thursday 22nd February


Functional Nutrition for Over 60's


Saturday 23rd March


Become an Annual Member

Take your mental and physical healh seriously;  commit yourself for the long term;  sign up for 12 months and save money and peace of mind

Sign Up for Retreats

What’s your purpose in life?  Is it to be there for your grandchildren, to pursue a hobby or to give back to your community?

Whatever it is – or perhaps you don’t have one – I organise Retreats where we soul search, question our “why’s” … and our “why not’s”

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I have been doing Pilates for several years and last year and decided to try Anita’s classes. I was looking for something more personalised, something that would challenge me more and help me become stronger. With Anita’s classes I found exactly what I wanted! Due to small group sizes and her amazing memory of everyone’s needs (injuries, conditions and different experience levels) the exercises feel personalised, almost like having a 1 to 1 session. I would certainly recommend Anita's Pilates class for all experience levels.

– Joanna Gregson

Having suffered with back problems for many years (osteoarthritis, slipped disc and osteopenia) I utilised the first lockdown to find a Pilates class. I liked the sound of small classes and Anita seemed very qualified for what I felt I needed. The class turned out to be exactly what I needed but soon realised I both wanted and needed more. Anita explained in an easy to understand way how to improve my bone density but I was loath to join a class, as I was scared! So I embarked on 1 to 1 training which is great. The sessions are tailored to my needs and Anita is very flexible and will often change things during the session as issues arise. I know I have a way to go but with Anita’s continuing support I know I will achieve my ultimate goal which is to be stronger and more flexible. The results so far (in under a year) are amazing! I’ve also started the stretch and relax session on a Friday afternoon and it’s such a great way to set you up for the weekend and ensure a great night’s sleep! Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

– Helen

I really enjoy the classes I do with Anita. She offers a good variety of exercises, something for everyone and every ability. Anita is an excellent teacher and her years of experience means that she can offer just the right exercise, we are stretched, but safe. She is full of curiosity about fitness and keeps up to date with new methods and ideas. I feel so lucky to have found Anita.

– Annie Herbert

I joined Anita's classes just over a year ago. I'm awaiting hip surgery and have found the pilates classes brilliant for maintaining my mobility and relieving pain. I love the classes as Anita always builds each exercise up through different levels and takes time to check you are safe and within your abilities, whilst providing a bit of a challenge too. Every class is so different - there's never any danger of getting bored! And having the classes recorded so you can revisit later is so helpful. Can heartily recommend especially if you are looking for a trainer committed to helping you age healthily and happily

– Jan

After doing Pilates for several years with a number of different well qualified teachers I was looking for a good Pilates teacher in Sale. I found and joined Sale Pilates, and I am so glad that I did. Anita is an excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. In small group classes, in her studio or online, she is able to ensure that all the exercises are done safely and correctly, whilst also accommodating people's individual needs. Anita is passionate about improving our health and enjoyment of life, especially as we mature! This all sounds very serious, but Anita's commitment and bubbly personality make the lessons interesting and fun! I have certainly noticed that I have far fewer aches and pains, and feel stronger and more flexible. If you have been toying with the idea of trying Pilates I definitely encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn with Anita.

– Denise Gilbert

My osteoporosis was diagnosed in late 2017. Although I had no physical symptoms I knew that I needed to do more than the regular walking that I was already doing. It took several months to find Anita via a recommendation, so glad that I did! After an initial consultation I booked six 1-1 sessions (she was very flexible in fitting them in with my visits to another place in Sale) where she devised a 'keep your bones strong and healthy' holiday regime. I love Anita's approach to everything, her energy, drive, enthusiasm and passion for what she does, she does with humour. I had joined a local gym when I was first diagnosed (I live in Chorley) but began to feel that what I had been advised to do wasn't quite right. I asked Anita if she would be willing to come over and devise a proper schedule for me. Over a period of 2-3 years she has been with me to the gym and tweeked and changed my programme to maximise the benefit for me. We also revisited my 'holiday programme' and she added a video for me to follow which has been invaluable, especially during the lockdowns when I've not been able to go to the gym. I would have no hesitation to recommend Anita, she excels at what she does and has hugely helped me to keep my osteoporosis at bay.

– Susan Smalley

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