SMALL GROUP TRAINING is a unique way for people to benefit from the quality of service of Personal Training but in a small group of maximum 6 persons. 

A variety of small equipment is used to increase effectiveness, variety and fun

Pilates Matwork uses  soft balls,  flex bands and toning balls

Trigger Point Pilates uses foam roller, soft balls and prickly balls

50+ HIIT uses 30 sec intervals to increase calorie burning and fitness

Step:  45 minute class comprising 7 minute warm up, 30 minute aerobic work finishing with a 7 minute cool down stretch.  4″ or 6″ step is used and music varies between 120bpm and 125bmp

Low Impact Aerobics:  45 minute class comprising 7 min pulse raiser/mobiliser, 30 minutes cv work and finishing with a 7 min stretch.

Kettlercise uses Kettlebells

Functional Training uses TRX, Sandbags, Bosu, Step  



  • Cost effective for individuals
  • Maintains qualify of training
  • Group situation is very motivational
  • Fun interaction between participants
  • Effective moral / team building
  • Brings together people with a similar goal