I speak to groups of all sizes, to inform, to inspire, and to make people think about the choices they are making today and the impact these choices may have on their later years and how they can make better choices to ensure that they maximise their health, happiness and potential as they get older.

If you need a speaker who’s different and inspirational for your event or group why not contact me to talk it over?

Any of these talks can be adapted to 20 or 45 minutes and to some extent tailored to the audience ad context. Some can also be presented as a 90 minute or 3 hour workshop.




There has never been a time like now that we can choose how we will age.  There is so much research available telling us how we can avoid disease, age younger, live longer and not all of it has our best interests at heart.  Research may be financed by large corporates who are biaised and looking to make a load of money out of the older generation who have recently retired and are supposed to have a large disposable income.   Our genes are only responsible for 25% of whether we inherit those diseases of our parents and grandparents and even then, lifestyle is responsible for deciding whether these genes express themselve in the form of a disease.  

Lifestyle is not a one size fits all scenario and so it is important that we are well informed of the research and taught how to tailor the information to suit our own lives, bodies and environment.