75% of the barrier to exercise is in the mind.  Once you commit yourself it gets easier.

Let me help you to get over that mental hurdle and motivate you to Spring into Fitness 60+ as a great way to start your new ‘normal’.

Week 1 (5-9 April)

I’ll be inspiring you at 10am every morning with Cardio and Strength training 15 minutes sessions – 2 of the main ingredients to better health and fitness – and to motivate you to take the next step to 30 minute sessions.

Exercise is just one of my 5 Pillars of Successful Ageing, pop along to my Sale Pilates Facebook page to learn more about the other 4 Pillars.

Each Pillar of Successful Ageing is interdependent with the others.

Week 2 (12-16 April)

10 min confidence boosters

Week 3 (19-24 April)

Anita’s Spring into Fitness 60+ Community Group

Join my private Facebook Communty Group “Anita’s Spring Into Fitness Community Group” and benefit from the following:-

  • weekly free LIVE 30 minute class
  • more tips on how to to ease out of lockdown

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