STOP doing what you normally do and do something different today.  Read on down and I have just the thing to help you to change it up.

One of my favourite quotes is from Paolo Coelho “If you think adventure is dangerous try routine:  it is lethal”

It is so easy during lockdown to be content doing what is comfortable and easy day in and day out.  You feel the current situation is stressful and you find it hurts to have your freedom curtailed and so you ‘treat’ yourself to an easy life, eating tasty non-nutritious food and drinking more wine than water whilst the pounds pile on and you become more and more lethargic.


Is this you?

If this is you, or you just want to get more out of your training and more out of life, I have just the programme to get you back on track or to keep you moving onwards and upwards.  It’s called Anchor Point Pilates™.

This programme is a fusion of Pilates, Strength Training and Functional Exercise and uses the latest concept of an anchor point and rubber resistance.

To find out more and to be among the first to get access to this groundbreaking programme,  click here:


Anchor Point Pilates

Routine is bad for you because….

The brain doesn’t have to think very hard when we are in routine mode and the less we use those brain cells the less efficient they become at remembering things and solving problems.

Our bodies do what they can to conserve energy.  The saying ‘use it or lose it’ is very true. We can’t store fitness and health.  The less we use our muscles – which includes our heart and lungs, the less efficient they become at doing what they’re supposed to do.  If we want to maintain health and fitness, then we need to work at it to stay at the same level and if we want to improve then we need to be doing more.


It’s not easy

Staying fit and healthy during lock down can feel like a chore when we can’t do the things we love, like going to the gym, taking regular fitness class, playing racquet sports, going on group hikes and bike rides, etc.


Here is the answer!

Rubber bands and door anchors!

I have been using rubber resistance to exercise with since I wrote my first book “Anita’s Power Band Workout” back in 1988.

Over the past few months I have been successfully re-introducing bands into my Pilates and fitness classes and when we were told to ‘stay at home’ at the end of March I started looking at more options – not just for my own exercise programme but also for my virtual classes online and for my clients and fellow baby boomers to do at home long term.

There has been a massive increase in the manufacture of different types of bands and tubing over the past few years – long ones, short ones, thick ones, thin ones, light ones, heavy ones and in all the colours of the rainbow.

But the thing is, as we went into lockdown, they became so popular that they began to sell out!


But don’t worry!

Anchor Point Pilates™ comes packaged with your own set of equipment!

I decided on the equipment that I wanted to use,  ordered samples, spent a few days testing them and then managed to get my orders in whilst there were still stocks.  So, the great news is that you don’t have to search around on the internet to try to find the equipment I use in this programme and wait months for it to arrive!

All you will need is a door that closes shut with a little bit of space in front of it so that you can lie down longways.

All you have to do is click on the link below, muster up enough motivation to get started and then, once you discover how wonderful it makes you feel,  the rest is relatively easy!


If you do what I suggest…

  • You will stay fit and healthy and reap the associated benefits like keeping your weight down and your energy levels up, not to mention sleeping better and looking and feeling better.
  • It will also help to get you out of your lockdown comfort zone. This is where life happens:  you’ll feel more confident, more in control of your situation, more energized and definitely happier.


Take action today!  Spaces are limited!

To get more information and to sign up to my Pre-Sales List click on the link below.  No obligation!  But you will one of the first to know as soon as this amazing new programme goes on sale….which will be very soon!


 Anchor Point Pilates


Stay safe, keep moving and flex your muscles