Day 5 of Lockdown.  Do you feel like we never came out of lockdown and that the Summer was just a dream…I know I do.
I hope you’re all maintaining a positive mindset.  We’ve been through this before, we have an idea now of what we need to be doing to keep our spirits up.  That’s exercise and good nutrition for a starters in order to stay mentally and physically fit.
Vital Statistics Day 1……What will they look like on day 30?
In my talk last Friday “5 Things you Must Do to Survive Lockdown”, I also said how it’s a good idea to take your vital statistics e.g. weight, measurements, bodyfat, Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure for comparison for when we exit Lockdown and to give you motivation to stay on track.  
Pay attention to the quality of your sleep (handout posted in my privat Lockdown Facebook Group,  and maintain a positive Mindset.  Every cell in your body responds to what you’re thinking and the saying ‘a healthy mind equals a healthy body’ is very true.  Think you’re old and you will get old sooner than you would otherwise.
60+ Wellbeing Lockdown Club – Timetable 9th-14th November
This week is all about inspiring you (and me) to action.  Access to my Lockdown Club sessions is unlimited for £30 for the 30 days or £12 for 7 and free for Sale Pilates members.  Not yet signed up?  Click on the link below:
Evening sessions have been brought forward to 7pm:  Quiz on Wednesday and Talk/Discussion on the Friday.
Come along and test your health and fitness knowledge – It’ll not just be fun but will also increase your knowledge.  A sure way to help you get through lockdown.
My Talk/Discussion on Friday will be on ‘The Power of Purpose’.  Another ‘must have’ for surviving the next 30 days.
Are you getting enough social interaction?
We’re social beings and social connection – relationships, friends, community – is more important than ever as we go through our second lockdown.
That’s why I’m running a ‘Coffee’n’Chat’ on Saturdays at 11am – it’s a great opportunity to connect socially with others and to unwind from the week.  It will also be lovely to meet everyone if you’re attending my Facebook Lives as we don’t get to see each other as we do on Zoom.
All session run in the private ‘60+ Wellbeing Lockdown’ Facebook page.  Reminder you must be an approved member in order to access this page:
If you’re already a Sale Pilates member or signed up to the Lockdown Club group then click on the link below to access this group:

Note:  Sale Pilates timetable runs as normal – mostly via Zoom, with just one or two changes (Low Impact Aerobics is now on Fridays and 50+ Hiit has been removed this week.  (but it will be back because I know some of you love it and it really does increase cv fitness and calorie burning like no other class).
I’m really excited about the week ahead.  Are you?