Wheelchair or ‘Motorbike’?

Do you have the right exercise programme for your abilities and goals?

In the chart below you can see the likely outcome If you do not adopt an appropriate exercise programme and in particular, Resistance Training.

”The Health Benefits of Resistance Exercise: Beyond Hypertrophy and Big Weights”

Exercise, Sport, and Movement 1(1):e00001, January 2023

As you age, you lose muscle mass.  This is called Sarcopenia and can lead to a decline in the quality of your life, not only due to losing strength but also due to Osteoporosis, joint injuries, back pain, etc.

How to Get Started with Resistance Training

It’s very important that you find a Personal Trainer to give you a programme which he/she will have designed especially for you – to suit your ability and goals.  There are many group exercise classes which are designed to make you stronger, but it’s important to realise that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that it’s very easy to get injured if you’re prescribed inappropriate exercises.

Search for a Personal Trainer who specialises in teaching older adults and has experience.  I also think the age of your Trainer is important.

I’ve been a personal trainer since 1985, I’ve kept up to date with all the new research and recommendations for teaching seniors. I took a Master’s Degree from Liverpool University in Exercise & Nutrition with a focus on Ageing back in 2000.  But it wasn’t until I knew what it was like to be 60 that I realised that a lot of the exercises being taught to seniors today are either unsuitable or lacking in modifications for individual needs.


Why Choose Me to be Your Personal Trainer?

I ‘ve walked the walk:  I initially trained with the experts – the top PTs in America and Europe and have been strength training my own body consistently for the past 40 years.  Initially to keep my weight down, then to enable me to be good at various sports and activities without getting injured and now, to enable me to keep doing the things I need, want and love to do – like riding my 200kg 700cc motorbike – as I enter my 70’s.

It’s important that you have a goal, a reason to stay strong.  What is it?  Playing with your grandchildren, playing Golf,  being fit enough to take that trip that’s on your Bucket List?  Or perhaps just to maintain the quality of your life and prevent disability and dependency is reason enough?

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