80% of visits to the Doctor’s are due to stress related issues

Stress is the most serious health epidemic of the 21st Century

It’s impossible to avoid stress in our daily lives

Anita Dawn was recently diagnosed with Heart Valve Disease after living a life dedicated to her health and fitness.  How could this be so?

Anita has spent a lot of time searching her past for what might have triggered this disease and puts it down to stress – chronic stress.

Anita Dawn has lived her life to the full, from hitchhiking solo around Europe at 17, working in the depths of Algeria long before Tourism, travelling to many countries including India (where here father was born and her grandfather got killed by a leopard) and living in many foreign lands which included the very restrictive Saudi Arabia where she narrowly missed jail.  She loves to travel alone even though this often attracted the wrong type of people.  She narrowly escaped being kidnapped in Lebanon at the outbreak of civil war and being raped by a gang of barbarian youths in North Africa.  To enhance the local experience and to practise her many languages with the natives and was often found camping alone in the mountains, on the beaches or in the desert enjoying the peacefullness of being immersed in nature.

Upon returning to the UK in 2010, Anita found her life was somewhat boring in comparison to her colorful life overseas and took up motorbike riding as a hobby and snowboarding or trekking on her holidays.

“Whilst I’ve loved every minute of my life”  she says, “my favorite place was out of my comfort zone and I must admit that many experiences. situations and relationships were often very stressfull.

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